Yoga Classes in Kigali

Yoga… I’ve tried. I’ve failed. But while yoga isn’t my thing, plenty of people here love it and there are a bunch of options for classes in Kigali.

American Embassy

This one is shrouded in mystery. There might be yoga classes run by an American person through the Embassy but they’re not allowed to advertise for some reason. So if you want some information on this, I guess stop by the US Embassy in Kacyiru and ask around.

City Arts

Kigali has a community arts centre! And they offer yoga! Along with lots of art and dance classes, City Arts offers various kinds of yoga – vinyasa flow, ashtanga, power flow, and yoga basics. No idea what all of that means but it looks like all you yoga people out there have plenty of choice here. Classes are Rwf 6,000 per session and if you buy ten at once, the price is reduced to Rwf 5,000. Check out their website for the class schedule.

Mamba Club

Mamba run two hot yoga classes on Monday nights the first starting at 6:30 pm on Mondays and Thursday with Allie. Classes cost Rwf 5,000 and includes a mat, towel and tea. There’s a limit of 10 students per class and they’re popular, so get there early. Check out their Facebook page for more info. Here’s the rundown from the class teacher: “Yoga style is hot vinyasa incorporating elements of ashtanga and bikram schools. This a physically demanding class taught in a room heated to above body temperature. Please be prepared to sweat! Wear light clothing, drink water before class, and try not to eat a meal for at least 2 hours before class. This is not a class for the injured, recovering from injury or pregnant. This IS a class for those wishing to develop flexibility, strength, balance, body awareness and peace of mind!”

Private Lessons

It’s likely that there are  bunch of people arund town who are happy to offer private yoga lessons… I guess finding them is the problem! I know that Obed, a cyclist with Team Rwanda, offers private classes in Kigali. For a one on one private lesson it would be $20 (Rwf 13,000) for 3 or more people $8 (Rwf 5,000) per person. He can come to you provided you have the space and sessions would last one hour. Clients need to provide their own mats. You can reach him at 0788 588 404 or [email protected].

Allie from the Mamba class also runs private classes at a location of your choice. Her number is 0785 553 697. Private sessions cost Rwf 15,000 for 1 or two people and she can rent mats for students for Rwf 1,000 per session.

Serena Hotel

Being the fancy pants place that it is, yoga at the Serena Hotel is only open to members. Their schedule says that yoga class is on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 7:30 pm but their yoga teacher may or may not be on vacation for an unknown amount of time so make sure you call ahead. Membership at the gym costs US$200/month. Ouch. But if you buy a year in advance in ends up being around $90 which is a lot more reasonable and there are also deals for three and six month and off-peak memberships. If you go every week and drink a tonne of their free to members juice (that costs Rwf 4,000 on the menu), it might actually work out cheaper for you. But that’s a lot of juice. Fortunately it’s delicious. Plus their membership includes the gym, pool and lots of other classes as well.

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36 thoughts on “Yoga Classes in Kigali”

  1. Hey there! I’m a yoga teacher offering classes at my home in Kimihurura. There are two classes tonight (March 19) 6:00-7:15 and 7:30-8:45 and again next Tuesday (March 26). May offer one more night of classes on April 2 and then I’m out of the country for a bit. Classes will resume in May. I studied traditional Indian yoga in India and my class is a mixture of traditional hatha yoga with some vinyasa and other influences I’ve picked up along the way. Cost is 4,000 RWF per class. All levels are welcome. To get on my mailing list and/or get directions, email maggsgregory [at] yahoo [dot] com Hari Om 🙂

  2. breath connect your body and mind to be flexible . try to make your mind and body to be flexible to receive all things in positive way .each part of our body it affects others . body affects the mind. all organs related between , if your body is not balance it affect your mood which will make your body to be in uncomfortable way.
    hello my name is Sande and am shiatsu, Thailand yoga massage therapist .
    am offering Thai yoga massage at okapi hotel near eto muhima road and at mamba club kimihurura if your interested to have my session please contact me to any place which is near you +250784572192 Thai yoga massage is path way of health thanks best regards my place is 25ooofrw an hour and half

  3. Waramutse!

    Yoga, Meditation, Aikido, Qi Gong…
    all united at the online community:

    to unite all trainers
    and practitioner.

    The Vision is in the long run to establish
    one of the finest and largest yoga communities in Kigali!

    (to have retreat centers and so on)

    This will become a non-profit organization.
    The aim of course is to enable all yoga interested people
    to train and meet with international partners and
    volunteers from different cultures.

    meet me at:

    yours Adrian Brice

    1. Sylvestre Parmentier

      It looks like you’re not in Kigali anymore. I’m practicing aikido as well and can teach. Do you have any contact from your time who may be interested if I contact them?
      Thanks and best regards,

  4. Hey yogis! I’m resuming my weekly Tuesday yoga class with a 6-week session starting this Tuesday, May 14. Two separate classes will be offered each Tuesday, the first from 6:00-7:15 pm and the second from 7:30-8:45 pm.
    Cost: 4,000 RWF per class or 20,000 RWF for the 6-week session if you pay on the first night (i.e. one class free). Students who pay for the session in advance will be guaranteed a spot in their class each week; first come first serve for drop-ins (classes will be capped at 10-12 students). Class dates: May 14, 21, 28, June 4, 11, 18. Make up classes will be held in the event of a cancelled class for those who pay in advance. Classes are conducted on a concrete patio outdoors (weather permitting); bring your own mat! Please send an email to maggsgregory [at] yahoo [dot] com to get on my mailing list and I will then send directions to the house. Serious inquiries only, please! Also please note that I will be traveling for the next few days so I will not be responsive until about Sunday. Thanks for being patient! Come get your stretch on 🙂

  5. A few emails from new folks wanting to get on the list recently got deleted before I had the chance to reply (not sure how!). Sorry about that! Classes are still on each Tuesday at 6:00 and 7:30 pm. Try me again at maggsgregory [at] yahoo [dot] com and I’ll send you details/directions. Cheers.

  6. allie huttinger

    Yoga Schedule updates June 20 2013:
    Monday 18:30 Hot Vinyasa at Mamba Club instructor: MaryPatton 5000 francs
    Wednesday 13:00 Yoga Flow at Serena Maisha instructor: Allie (membership)
    Thursday 18:30 Hot Vinyasa at Mamba Club instructor: Allie 5000 francs
    Friday 06:30 Yoga Flow at Serena Maisha instructor: Allie (membership)

    and see Meaghan’s note above for tuesday classes at her house in kimi

  7. I’m so happy to see this post! I am moving to Kigali in a month and was nervous I wouldn’t be able to continue my ashtanga practice. Now I know to bring my yoga clothes and mat. Also in the USA a yoga class typically costs $12-15 per class so learning that they have yoga so cheap makes my heart leap with joy.

  8. allie huttinger

    Kigali people –
    There is a new yoga class starting tomorrow at Inema Artcenter. The class will be every Wednesday at 18:30. The cost is 2000 FRW for each 90 minute class. I will have a limited number of yoga mats to rent for 500 FRW per session. The class is mixed-level ashtanga vinyasa yoga with meditation and sanskrit chanting, held in the beautiful Inema gallery.

    1. I am living in Kacyiru and your announcement about Yoga classes at Inema Arts caught my eye.

      Do you have a beginner’s club for complete newbys to yoga?

      Can you let me have more details, or should I just pop around?

      best wishes, Marje

    2. Hello there, I’m also interested about this class at Inema Arts. Is it running in August? All info welcome, Mari

  9. Muraho,
    I am new to Kigali and looking for space to teach Yoga, hooping, dance etc. I am looking to check out these places personally and feel the vibes of each one to see if any fit what I am looking for. I was wondering if anyone would offer a sort of tour, you know spend the day with me and show me the sights in exchange for good company and a meal! If so, email me at [email protected].
    Looking forward to seeing what’s out there and sharing my gifts as well.
    Love Amanda

  10. Hi yogis! Update from my end: no class this week (last night!) or next (23rd). Will resume class in Kimihurura on Tuesday, July 30 at 7:30 pm and each Tuesday after that (until I leave town again…). maggsgregory [at] yahoo [dot] com for details. Hari Om 🙂


    Hi guys!

    i am so pleased with your posts. i am a yoga teacher certified by Baptiste institute of Power yoga, Africa Yoga Project and The Ways of Peace Project .
    I teacher yoga to 3 classes In south Province, Huye district, University avenue. the classes are: National University Of Rwanda Yoga Club, Have Life Sport Club and Cali Fitness.
    You can Reach me by: [email protected]
    +250 722160465
    +250 787675370

    1. Hi Joseph! That’s great that you are teach 3 times a week in Huye. If you have any friends in kigali who are interested in taking yoga classes, or also in teaching yoga, please put them in touch with me: ahuttinger “at” gmail “dot” com

  12. September yoga schedule for Mamba club, Inema and Serena:

    Monday 19:00 – Inema ArtCenter Kacyiru – 2000 francs (mat rental 500 francs) – This is a vinyasa flow class with Kris. 90 min

    Tuesday 19:00 – Mamba Club Kimihurura – 5000 francs (mat and towel included) – This is a hot power flow class with MP. 75 min

    Wednesday 13:00 – Serena Hotel Maisha Spa Kiyovu – free for members, walk-in 30 USD – This is a vinyasa flow class with Allie. 60 min

    Wednesday 18:30 – Inema ArtCenter Kacyiru – 2000 francs (mat rental 500 francs) – This is a mixed level ashtanga vinyasa class with Allie. 90 min

    Thursday 18:30 – Mamba Club Kimihurura – 5000 francs (mat and towel included) – This is a hot power flow class with MP. 75 min

    Friday 06:30 – Serena Hotel Maisha Spa Kiyovu – free for members, walk-in 30 USD – This is a vinyasa flow class with Allie. 60 min

    There is limited space in the yoga rooms, so please come a few minutes early to ensure you spot!

  13. Greetings, yogis. I continue to host yoga class at my house in Kimi on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm. We usually practice on my rooftop and it’s quite lovely. I do travel a bit but expect that class is on unless you receive an email saying that it’s not. Of course you have to get on my mailing list for that to happen: maggsgregory [at] yahoo [dot] com. Cheers 🙂

  14. Where is the top picture from?! That looks amazing. I’m not a huge yoga person, but if there’s some early morning class with a kick-ass view of the mountains that I have not heard about…this needs to happen.

  15. i am new and i am a yoga teacher trained with power yoga Africa i would like to teach around Kigali i also trained thai masseg any leading info would help me on how to go around i leave near airtell building .blessings

  16. hi Allie hope you are doing great i have been tiring to get in touch with you but my mails are not going through i traveled back home in Kenya please get in touch with me on my mail [email protected] i would love to teach yoga .



    I am interested in Yoga, but I don’t know where I can find trainers,
    can someone help me to find them?
    thank you!!!!

  18. Yego Yoga is a pop-up studio offering yoga classes in Kigali at convenient locations around town. We offer weekday and weekend classes, please visit the Living in Kigali Events Calendar or our website for the current class schedule

    Yoga classes are 5000 RWF per session including the use of a yoga mat. Drop-ins are welcome – no need to sign up in advance. We cater to all types of students, whether you are new or experienced, you are welcome! Want to learn more? You can read descriptions of our classes and instructors from Rwanda and around the world, and view our features in the media on our website.

    We hold workshops and special classes, we offer private and small group classes, and we organize classes for organizations and companies. Please contact us to make a request [email protected]

    Are you looking for a community class (donation-based) or do you know a group of people who could benefit from an outreach class? Please contact us and we will do our best to get you connected with our friends who have community yoga groups in Kigali, Butare and Musanze.

    See you on the mat!

  19. Hello yogis,
    I’m an ashtanga based vinyasa flow teacher on a journey trough east Africa. I’d like to teach in Rwanda after my arrival at the 7th of January ’18.
    I have no fix plan of my trip so, I’m very flexible about the location.
    I’d like to give lessons in a hotel, sport studio and also give private lessons. Could you kindly forward me some information about locations and their contact?
    Can’t wait to visit you soon! Steffi

    1. Hi Julie!

      I’m a yoga teacher from the States (originally from Texas, most recently lived in New York, completed Yoga Teacher Training in Brooklyn). I’d be happy to come to your home to teach for private or group sessions! Please feel free to send an email at [email protected] 🙂

  20. hello
    Am interested to be trained in yoga but I don’t know where I can find trainers especial here in Bugesera – Nyamata, Can someone help me to find them?

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