Yego Arts

Yego Arts

Yego Arts was closed under mysterious circumstances and they’re currently doing their best to find a new location to re-open.

Yego Arts is one of the newer galleries on Kigali’s art scene but they’ve been pretty active so far with running events and have made a bit of a splash. The gallery was founded in 2013 by Tony Cyizanye, a Rwandan painter who has been exhibited all over the world.

They’re conveniently located across the road from the MTC Center in Nyarutarama, but finding this is slightly tricky. Well, it was slightly tricky for me… but that doesn’t say much. You’ll see signs just after MTN (going towards Gacuriro) on the left side of the road. Take that street but then be on the lookout straight away for an alley on the left. There’s a sign identifying the street but the sign also sort of looks like it could be sending you down the road further towards crazy mansions and hotel construction. It’s not down the road, it’s right at the top… find the dirt alley and you’re good! The road is suitable for cars and they have parking.

Yego Arts

After eventually finding them (actually, they came out and found me…) I was taken to a brightly painted gate which seems to be a common theme for art galleries in Kigali. Inside there’s a large open space for hosting fairly regular events (check my Kigali events calendar to see if they have anything coming up), the gallery in the building to the left, a small craft shop selling products from Songa Designs and Azizi Life, and a really cool outdoor painting area sheltered by grass huts.

I met Tony and a few of the artists who were all really great and happy to chat and show me around he gallery but also happy to let me have some time to myself to wander around and check out the paintings and crafts. A couple of painters were busily working away in the outdoor studio and it was nice to see a few works in progress.

Yego Arts

Prices are about on par with the other galleries in town (Inema, Ivuka, and Uburanga). I always find myself wishing some of them would have some lower priced, smaller items and Yego has a few. Those paintings in the photo above are $50 each, for example. I had been thinking of buying a set of three but suddenly the price of $150 is too much for an impulse buy… at least for the likes of me. Too bad because I quite like them!

It’s been exciting to see Kigali’s art scene grow over the past four years from one main gallery to five today (including Tongo which I still have to visit). There’s a common style shared between the galleries (bright, colourful, abstract, textured) and it’s exciting to see where these artists will take Rwandan art in the future.

Hours: Daily, 8 am to 9 pm
Phone: 0788 480 835

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  2. Sarah Day Smith

    Yego Arts has recently re-opened in Kimihururu! It’s right next door to Amaris Hotel. Can you update this article to reflect this, with a new map, etc?

  3. Hello! Just wanted to mention that Yego Arts is alive and well on KG 519 in Kimihuru. A little tricky to find but well worth it!

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