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If you’re a lover of smoothies in Kigali then you’ve probably noticed that Hero Shop has had a brand overhaul and now goes by the more fitting and catchy name of ‘Twistiblenz Smoothies’. The new name comes with a spiffy new logo, a super professional and useful website,  and a whole bunch of new food and smoothie combinations. They’ve still got their two locations, one in Nyarutarama and the other in Kimihurura, and there are big plans to turn this franchise into Kigali’s main stop for high-quality healthy food and drinks.

I remember when Hero Shop opened a few years ago to huge fanfare due to their amazing smoothies at a low price. Previously, the only smoothie options were at Bourbon Coffee for around Rwf 4,000 and they’re certainly not 100% natural. Hero Shop filled this gaping whole in the Kigali smoothie scene and they did it with low prices, a range of fresh ingredients including wonderful surprises like almond milk, and wrapped it all up nicely in a to-go package for people on the run.

Twistiblendz Smoothies, Kigali

Twistiblendz Smoothies has continued what Hero Shop started and they’ve taken a great brand and made it even better! They’ve got the same great smoothies on their menu but have kicked things up a notch by offering optional ‘superfood’ additions like aloe vera, moringa, spirulina, and chia seeds. That’s some serious healthy-ness. Plus they’ve increased the number of green smoothies on offer as well. I tried the cucumber-lemon-mint mix with an extra boost of aloe vera recently and could feel healthy the goodness oozing into me.

The new owners are committed to promoting healthy living and they want Twistiblendz to become a one-stop place for healthy drinks and snacks. They’ve also got plans to start selling hard-to-find health products and supplements and you can already find chia seeds on sale here. There’s even talk of sandwiches but that might not be for awhile, so lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Twistiblendz Smoothies, Kigali

Twistiblendz are still located in the same two spots that housed Hero Shop which is good news for gym-goers. People who go to Cali Fitness in Nyarutarama can find Twistiblendz right next door to the gym and those who work out at Waka Fitness will find their other shop just a 5 minute walk away next door to Mr. Chips. Their smoothies and snacks are great for a post-workout craving so check them out after your next gym session. You can also find their most popular smoothies for sale at the Sawa City locations all around town.

I’m a lover of the former Hero Shop and I’m very happy to see Twistiblendz has kept the things that made Hero Shop great and have improved on them. They have lots of great ideas for healthy food additions and they’ll continue to serve a great selection of tasty and good-for-you smoothies. They’re the first business in Kigali to really commit to health food and drinks. They’re the real deal and I’m excited to see Twistiblendz continue to grow and innovate!

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 7am to 9pm, Sunday 9am to 7pm
Phone: 0787 830 253

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