The Magical Amusement Park

Magical Amusement Park Guard Horses

Sadly, this glorious and magical place has been cleared out in preparation for development by the lake.

I was taking one of my leisure strolls around Nyarutarama, when one day I suddenly saw a humongous frog hiding in the bushes. He had a big crown on his head, and he was smiling at me. I immediately made my way towards him, and after having found a little gap in the fence along the road, I was able to walk up to him.

Magical Mermaid MolestationNot long after having reached him, I noticed a giant mermaid down by the water. She was naked apart from a black plastic bag wrapped around her upper body. To get to her, I had to struggle through tall grass and thorny bushes, but finally I was close enough to touch her tail.

Behind her stood an army of white horses, their red manes falling softly around their necks. I turned and discovered a couple more poking their head out from the low bushes.  How strange to find a frog and a mermaid and white horses in the middle of Kigali, I though, but before I had time to ponder further, something red and shiny caught my attention. It was a big dolphin. Craning my neck, I realized it was a whole flock of them close by.

Yet again, I struggled through rebellious bushes and thistles, but before long I was standing before a colourful dolphin family balancing on their tail. Green, blue, yellow and red. All smiling. I went over to one, and took a seat on its body. I had not sat down more than a minute, however, when a little red race car became visible through the shrub. On closer examination it became clear that it was in fact a little group of mini cabriolets, each covered with silver stars. How cute. And strange of course. Mostly strange.

Magical FrogExpecting more magical creatures, I continued walking through the forestry area sandwiched between the paved road and the lake. I found nothing else, however, and soon I was at the end of the little path, and had to make my ascend back to the main road. My excursion into the magical amusement park had ended. But I came back the following week, this time with a friend and a camera.

The frog was still there, as was the naked mermaid, the dolphins and the race cars. Though my friend was convinced they must have been transported here as part of an amusement park that never was completed, I of course knew the truth. Having experienced the skeptical looks from one too many non-believers, however, I decided to keep my knowledge of magical teleportation and invisible fairies to myself. Old dogs don’t learn new tricks, and stupid retarded non-magical skeptics can’t be convinced otherwise. So I winked to the little fairy resting on the mermaid’s shoulder, and smiled into my friend’s camera.

For a magical journey, walk along the Nyarutarama loop until you find a corrugated metal gate. Walk through it, and keep walking until you see a frog wearing a crown. Or just close your eyes and follow the fairy whispers.

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4 thoughts on “The Magical Amusement Park”

  1. Voila! Now it’s not gonna be called a “dead amusement park”; it’s a “magical amusement park”
    Sweet article!

  2. After a bit of research I found out there is an interesting story to the amusement park.

    A Rwandan woman named Sylvie Mukamusoni opened and ran a pharmacy in the early 90’s, but in April when the Tutsi population was being killed en masse she abandoned her Kigali shop and fled the country (which must of been an amazing challenge but the articles never go in to detail.)

    After returning to Rwanda in 1995 to find her shop destroyed, she was filled with the vigor and determination people often get after a brush with death.

    She realized her passion lay with helping children, so she started small by opening a children’s store but eventually decided it was time to expand.

    In 2004 she opened her amusement park with the help of a Chinese firm dealing with recreation and a loan from The Bank of Kigali. The park was completed in 2005 and was a relative success. Mukamusoni was a very ambitious woman, with hopes to expand the park to include a hotel, a zoo, a learning center, and a botanical garden.

    This is where there is a gap in information. Every article I’ve read ends here, with Mukamusoni ready to expand and the future looking bright.

    I know that in late 2009 the park was closed, but protected by an armed guard. And now, apparently, the park is abandoned.

  3. well just having moved to Kigali with 2 year toddler really got me excited when a read the title of an amusement park out in Kigali….but oh it had a barren ending!!anyways to inform me of good places for toddlers out here except for Mama Africa which is the only so far a good point for him

  4. Having seen it on the map and read about it here, we set off for an adventure last Friday starting at the MTN centre. We headed down hill and came to the road which runs past the lake. As we went round the bend we spotted the corrugated iron sheets but there was a man sat guarding it. We asked if we could go through but we got the impression that we couldn’t enter and he pointed us down the road. We decided to keep walking to see if we could enter at a different point. We caught glimpses of interesting animals, some rusty rail tracks and the odd dodgem as we walked down the path but a barbed wire fence blocked our way in. At a couple points we thought we could squeeze through, yet as we attempted to another man who was walking past looked at us peculiarly and pointed us further down the road. So not wanting to look to suspicious we continued on. We eventually ended up at the corner of the lake where a dirt road turns down the hill. There was another path / road that seemed to ran back on ourselves between the lake and the main road (the way we wanted to go!). Yet, here we were again met by 3 more men, this time doing some work to the path we wanted to head down. Again we asked if we could walk down it and again we got the reply ‘No’ and were pointed further around the lake. As we dejectedly followed their instructions we turned up the road on the far side of the lake with only a glimmer of hope that we could get around. Once at the next corner we wondered if we could make our way through the undergrowth past some nesting birds and back up the other side, but as we started to two of the men noticed us and began making there way towards us on the other side. We were feeling quite shifty now and with no obvious way over we decided to move on. Looking back at the park from the other side of the valley we could see two men at the initial iron sheet…looks like they’re stepping up the security…

    We still had an adventure but were disappointed not to see these mysterious amusement park which tempted us to this part of Kigali. We fear for the worse for the future of this place as it looked like they are building a new fence that surrounds the lake and the amusement park. What will become of it???

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