Tourism in Kigali

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Kigali Day Tours

Tourism people in Rwanda seem to have been making an effort over the past several years in an attempt to keep tourists in Kigali just

1000 Hills Distillery Tour

1000 Hills Distillery offered a me free tour in exchange for this review. I like booze, and I really like finding interesting things to do

76 Hours in Kigali

When I start planning a trip to a new country or city, one of the first things I look up is the classic New York

Climbing Mount Kigali

Hiking Up Mount Kigali

I did it! I finally did it! After 6+ years of staring across the valley at Mount Kigali from the couch on my back porch,

Go Kigali City Tours

Go Kigali City Tours

So many people travel all the way to Rwanda and then zip immediately off to say hello to our gorilla cousins with little to no

Budget Accommodation in Kigali

Admittedly, the Rwandan tourism powers that be don’t seem all that interested in the ol’ budget traveller. A mistake, in my opinion, having been a

Ubumwe Grande, Best Views in Kigali

31 Fun Things to Do in Kigali

Ok, ok. I know. Kigali isn’t exactly a mecca of activity. It’s not a city with obvious tourist attractions and finding things to keep you

Traditional Pottery Club

Sorry to announce that, for the moment, this is no longer happening. If it gets started again, I’ll let you know! Yay! Something fun and

Habyarimana's House

President Habyarimana’s House

One seldom visited monument in Kigali’s backyard is the Presidential Palace Museum, the palace of former President Habyarimana, also known locally as ‘Habyarimana’s house’. In

The Elusive Kigali Elephant

The Kigali 10 Must-Do’s Challenge

Have you just arrived to this wonderful city, and finding there is absolutely nothing going on? Or have you perhaps lived here for years, and

Animals in a Corner

The Natural History Museum of Rwanda

The Natural History Museum in Kigali is Rwanda’s first and only museum dedicated to the natural sciences. It’s not as impressive as your average natural

Magical Amusement Park Guard Horses

The Magical Amusement Park

Sadly, this glorious and magical place has been cleared out in preparation for development by the lake. I was taking one of my leisure strolls