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Kigali Day Tours

Tourism people in Rwanda seem to have been making an effort over the past several years in an attempt to keep tourists in Kigali just

1000 Hills Distillery Tour

1000 Hills Distillery offered a me free tour in exchange for this review. I like booze, and I really like finding interesting things to do

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Gorilla trekking is one of the most magical wildlife encounters in the world. When I went for the first time in Rwanda, I was in

76 Hours in Kigali

When I start planning a trip to a new country or city, one of the first things I look up is the classic New York

Camping on Lake Burera

Though there are many getaway options for a weekend trip from Kigali, visiting the twin lakes in the Musanze region is always at the top of

Climbing Mount Kigali

Hiking Up Mount Kigali

I did it! I finally did it! After 6+ years of staring across the valley at Mount Kigali from the couch on my back porch,

Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is one of Rwanda’s most popular tourist attractions and it keeps getting better and better each year. It’s been under the combined

Go Kigali City Tours

Go Kigali City Tours

So many people travel all the way to Rwanda and then zip immediately off to say hello to our gorilla cousins with little to no

Huye Mountain Coffee Tour

If you love coffee then you’re in the right country! Rwanda has some seriously good beans and they don’t have to travel far to find