Taking Taxis in Kigali

taking a taxi

Taxis can be anything from a random man who happens to be passing in his car who wants to make a few bucks to an official-looking Kigali cab company vehicle which are most likely to be found around expensive hotels. Usually it’s the former and it can make finding a taxi as easy as someone asking you if you want a cab or as difficult as wandering the streets waving at random vehicles that you hope will drive you somewhere.

In general, white Toyota Corolla’s seem to be the quasi-taxi of choice and are totally fine to jump into. On those lazy afternoons, feel free to pull over any car willing to give you a ride: no better way of making new acquaintances or securing yourself a local boo!

If you’re more than three people then taking a taxi is both cheaper and safer than taking separate motos. Taxi drivers, though, tend to be more prone to give you a muzungu price so be prepared to haggle beforehand (don’t do it the mototaxi way and just pay when you get there). Usually you’ll end up paying around Rwf 3,000 for a 10 minute taxi ride.

While some drivers will refuse to squeeze in more than four passengers, others can be convinced to allow you to sit on each other’s laps, in which case this form of transportation can become very cheap indeed. the police are suppose to pull over cars with crowded back seats, so to be on the safe side I  guess you can duck down on the busiest roads.

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4 thoughts on “Taking Taxis in Kigali”

  1. When getting a taxi be careful you don’t get the driver into trouble with the police. I hailed a cab in the street once and was told to get in quickly, it’s apparently an offence for a taxi driver to accept a fare anywhere other than at a ‘taxi rank’ such as outside a hotel.
    I would feel terrible if the driver ended up getting arrested because I had pestered him into letting me get into the car.
    Of course this may just have been a tail because he wanted to squeeze as many fares as possible into his shift but nevertheless worth consideration in case it is correct.

  2. Hello, can anyone recommend a reputable taxi firm I can contact to arrange a taxi from the airport to Kigali town? If possible, an email address or mobile number would be very helpful as I am contacting them from the UK.

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