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Every trip to the old T-2000 near Ecole Belge felt like a falling down a rabbit hole. I’ve wandered around for hours looking at, in, around, behind, above, underneath everything they have piled on the shelves. When I escape from my daze, I find myself holding a deep plastic bin filled with bags of rice flour, sparkly hair clips, suspicious dried mushrooms, Swiss army book-bags, shams, duvets, dried seaweed, light up toothbrushes… dumbfounded.

That place was packed with all sorts of junk.  It was impossible to find what you needed or what you went there for. All of the things you never knew you needed were staring you down, like Liverpool doormats for wiping your feet.* By the end, I’d get so frustrated that I’d put it all down and walk out empty handed because I didn’t need that stuff anyway.

But finally! All of the gizmos and gadgets of the T-2000 world have been given their proper place of glory.

The Harrods of Rwanda, I was so excited to finally experience the new T-2000, which is apparently calling itself ‘2000 Supermarket’ these days. The building is HUGE! And appeared out of nowhere. Seriously, it was just there one day. Stories upon stories of T-2000 goods, my mind was swimming. Turns out that whole building is a little more than T-2000.  Downstairs are a few vacant and still under construction shops.  There’s fried chicken place called Red Rooster, and a rooftop restaurant too, if anyone wants to go.

Only the second and third floors of the building comprise 2000 Supermarket shopping space. They have everything the old T has, the goods just have a little room the breathe in this one. The space is huge, and eerily sterile, bright, and well ventilated. I hope that changes soon. There is still a lot of empty floor and shelf space that’ll likely be filled over time. It’s a physical model of building capacity.

T-2000 is notorious for it’s junk, but don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of useful stuff too. The new one has some freezers and fridges if you are looking for cold stuff… expect a pretty big grocery section in the near future. Need new duds? They also have a big section of clothes in the back! I saw a lot of shirts, individually wrapped pants (trousers) and some lovely lacey bras.

Remember, all that glitters is not gold. There is a lot of sparkly stuff in there but it’s not all a bargain. The first time I heard about T-2000 I was told I could find anything at the cheapest price possible. Not true! There is no markdown mecca in Kigali. While some items beat out Nakumatt and Simba, others cost more.

The 2000 Supermarket seems to have everything but I was surprised when I couldn’t find little green army men. That’s what I went there for in the first place (long story). Consequently, I thoroughly checked out the toy section and there is some cool stuff, kids. I don’t know what Angry Birds are but they have a lot of Angry Birds stuff if you’re looking!

A word of warning, if you have a bag with you, they’ll ask you to leave it in a locker while you enter the store. They are pretty adamant about this policy, until you turn around and pretend to leave. I get that they don’t want shoplifters but they’ll even ask you to leave your purse. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense if you plan on paying for your items after all.

The new T-2000 is located in town behind the petrol station that is behind KCT.

Open: Monday to Saturday, 8am to 10pm / Sunday 9am to 8pm
Phone: 252577077

* Go Man U!

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12 thoughts on “2000 Supermarket”

  1. I got a lanyard from them, which says “T200 is no longer us! We are now 2000 SUPERMARKET-Nyarugengen in the new Everlasting Building near Kigali City Tower.”

  2. Tahini? Where? I looked like a madman through all the aisles but could not find it. The guys I asked in the store had no clue what I was talking about.

  3. You cannot take your handbag with you and will have to leave it locked at the entrance. Heard some of the owners/managers talking badly to the employees and really did not like this at all!!

  4. I am new in Kigali and will definitely check out the place- I hope its not the equivalent of Nairobi’s Kariorkor!

  5. i am not going to talk about the T-2000 supermarket but also emphisize to a RED ROOSTER RESTAURANT, it is in the same building to a ground floor , opposite the entrance just straight ahead without acrossing.(it is a quite place) for fast services &special cold drinks.
    i am now acustomize because i have to attend there very often while i am in the midle of the town, for a private talk to anybody,or for a special lunch,mostly i have found that they have indian,and chinese food, i can’t finish a plate of fried chicken,fries only a hamburger is my choice if i am alone.
    i argue with a waiter why do i have to plug my moderm to access internet “he told me that they are in fixation of wifi as soon as possible but i still have to go there for drink and special food.

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