Stonehouse has closed but the venue is still in use and is now called Plus 250.

So I know my photo of the Stonehouse is appallingly, ridiculously, embarrassingly terrible. I don’t know how to use my camera. And the place is seriously dark. Those are my excuses. So I’ll try to make up in words what I failed to accomplish in photos… the place has a great atmosphere! It’s a pretty decent-sized building with a bar and seating inside but, as with most places in Kigali, the best part about it is the outdoor seating.

Brochettes - Rwf 1,000 eachThere’s a small balcony with some comfy chairs and an amazing view across to the airport area plus there’s a huge lawn with plastic tables and chairs scattered around. The lawn would make a great place to come on a sunny day to chill on the grass and enjoy the garden and, at night, it’s a great place to chill out under a tree while enjoying the view of the city.

Stonehouse is located just past Sonatubes. Take a right at the Sonatubes roundabout (if you’re coming from town) and it’s a couple hundred metres down the road on the left. It couldn’t possible be in a worse place for me since I live on the complete opposite side of the city (how rude of them!) but I think it’s worth the trip out there.

The food came out in 45 minutes which is faster than I expected! Brochettes in this city tend to take their time. The food was good and I only had one inedible piece of chewy goat on three brochettes. Plus I think they’re jumbo brochettes… they seem extra long. They had a nice sauce on them and were tasty. I also got to try some chicken which was delicious. Pork ribs are a specialty here as well. Brochettes costs Rwf 1,000 each, a plate of chips is Rwf 1,000 as well, a large Primus costs Rwf 1,500 and a small bottle of Bond 7 is Rwf 4,000.

Chips - Rwf 1,000My only complaint about this place is that the prices are higher than other similar spots. While this place is a bit more fancy than the average local bar, Rwf 1,500 is a lot when it can be had at other places for less than half the price. Plus you can get a bottle of Bond 7 at Sundowner for Rwf 1,000 cheaper. But the atmosphere more than makes up for the higher prices, I think.

The service was really friendly and we were offered a new beer as we finished the previous one and were never forgotten. We didn’t even need to chase anyone down to get the bill! No hissing sounds were made at an time. My friend is buddies with the owner, Nellie, and she joined us for awhile and drank tea. She’s really nice and we had a nice, interesting chat.

So Stonehouse is a great place. I like it a lot and want to hang out here more. Great view, good food and service, a nice atmosphere and it’s somewhere new for me. I feel like I’ve been hanging out in all the same places lately so I’m glad I branched all the way out to Sonatubes and checked this place out. I’m planning on making it a regular thing!


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5 thoughts on “Stonehouse”

  1. Hey dear. Thank you for the great work you are doing.
    I also promise to send you better pictures of stoneHouse and the Primus will
    be checked to see if we can cut the price.
    Thank and will reach you soon.
    Nellie. StoneHouse.

  2. Last night several friends and I tried Stonehouse, and we absolutely loved it! The view was beautiful. Cozy, intimate seating on the spacious outdoor lawn, and high energy Afro pop inside makes this a great choice on any night. Service was fantastic, and the food was great. I was pleasantly surprised when Nelly informed me that vegetables were an option with my brochettes (Seriously, a variety vegetables(!) not just sambe and potatoes). This is such a great variation from other Kigali restaurants. They also have an events calendar that I would love to see added to the Living in Kigali calendar. Check it out!

    1. Thanks for your review, Stephanie! I really like it there but have only been one. Vegetables? Wow. That’s rare. Thanks for letting me know they put on events, I’ll stop by and have a look.

    1. No it’s not, I’ll make the change now to this review. It’s called ‘Plus 250’ now and it’s still a cool space.

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