Right Vision

Right Vision

This place is located near Amahoro Stadium in Remera, just before the road forks off on the left side. It’s got a pretty good setup with an upper and lower level, open air seating and a big screen as well as some seating inside for those rainy season nights. It’s your usual plastic seating, plastic Mutzig table cloths kind of place but it’s got a nice atmosphere and is spacious. Plus it’s nice to be out under the stars on a nice night.

Adding to the atmosphere – Dirty Dancing and Bryan Adams videos on the big screen! Complete with faux mezzanine seating to take it in with full impact. Certainly not your typical local bar.

ChipsThe food here is also pretty good. It’s a bit more expensive than your small, local place. By how much, I have no idea… I forgot to write down the prices. But chips come with a little side of salad (the usual tomato and cabbage fare with a dollup of mayo) and a good amount of raw onions which are mysteriously much more tasty in Rwanda than anywhere else I’ve been in the world. They’re chunky and pretty good, as chips at local bars go.

One of my measures of a good brochette is how many inedible pieces or parts of pieces are left after you’re done eating. Out of two goat brochettes, two goat hunks were too chewy or gristly to be able to eat which, I guess is not so bad but not so good, either. But the fish brochette I had was tasty and there were no fatty, chewy issues as with the goat. Each fish morsel was consumed without issue. It’s nice to have other options besides goat and, other than fish, they had beef as an option as well.

Goat and Fish BrochettesThe toilets are pretty scary but if you go to a lot of local bars and your standards are low… you might be pleasantly surprised. low toilet standards are always a good thing in these cases. BYO toilet paper.

The food came out pretty quickly, probably within a half an hour which is remarkable compared to most places I’ve been. The beers were cold, the food was warm, the atmosphere is a nice one. It might be a different story in the rain with everyone crammed into a small space, but on a nice, warm, clear day, it’s a nice place for a meal. I’ll be back!

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