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I was contacted a few weeks ago by Agnes, the owner of this new spa located in Kacyiru close to the road leading up to the US Embassy, inviting me and a friend to sample their place and write a review of their services. Always eager for a spa treatment (especially a free one!), I arranged for a facial (normally prices at Rwf 20,000) and manicure (Rwf 4,000) and my friend was lined up for a deep tissue massage (Rwf 20,000) and pedicure (Rwf 7,000).

Soothing Corner Spa was opened just a few months ago by Agnes and Rebecca, two ladies from Uganda who both went to beauty schools there where they obtained diplomas in beauty and cosmetology. They came to Kigali to visit a friend, liked the city, saw the opportunity to start a spa business here, and the rest is history!

We arrived at 10 am sharp to find a small house that had been renovated in an effort to achieve that typical spa-like feel, complete with dimmed lights, scented candles, soothing music, and very relaxed (but efficient) staff. After a short tour of the place, I was taken into a small room kitted out with a massage bed (complete with scattered flower petals) for my facial.

At first I wasn’t quite sure how the facial would work with me lying down rather than sitting halfway up in a chair. I’ve only had facials previously at Sunset Spa so that’s my only experience with this sort of thing, but the dimmed room and the flat bed had me wondering how this was going to work. But the dimmed lights were replaced with a bright lamp at all the right times and having a facial lying down was actually incredibly relaxing.

The procedure itself seemed to have all of the facial-like things that a non-expert such as myself would have expected. There were face washes, creams, steams, that horrible (but necessary) blackhead removing part, a face mask, eyebrow plucking, and a bonus shoulder massage. The facial lasted well over an hour with some chill time in between some of the treatments. I left the room feeling pretty great… months of moto smoke dirt scraped out of my pores. Oh yes. It was good and I’d totally recommend it!

The second phase of my little spa day was a manicure which, as a recently reformed lifetime nail-biter (yay me!), was my first ever so I don’t have anything to compare it to. Brian the mani-pedi guy (this seems to be a job dominated by dudes in Kigali, for some reason) go down to business straight away, working through the process with professionalism and efficiency. My nails were filed, buffed, washed, painted, and I even got a bonus hand massage at the end. All up, I was impressed and would happily go back.

My friend was happy with her massage and pedicure. I was creepily watching the pedicure as I waited to get my nails done and it all seemed to go as a pedicure should. She ended up relaxed and with shiny, hot pink toenails so that’s a winner!

Soother Corner does all of the usual massages, ranging in price from Rwf 10,000 for a foot or head massage up to Rwf 30,000 for a sports massage. Facials range from Rwf 15,000 to 30,000 and they also do all of the usual waxing treatments which go from Rwf 3,000 to 20,000. The prices are very good, especially considering the time nd care taken in the treatments.

The spa itself is located on the same road as Brachetto, closer to the US Embassy side. It’s only a short walk to the restaurant so pamper yourself a bit more that day with a pre- or post-spa lunch, so treat yourself! I was really happy with my experience at Soothing Corner Spa and look forward to seeing their business grow!

Prices listed were correct as of August 2015 but might change.

Hours: Daily, 10am to 10pm
Phone: 0735 283 609


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