4 Blooms, Kigali

4 Blooms

4 Blooms is a great little place that’s been around for about a bit over year and I absolutely love what they’ve done with the

Iriba Bar, Marriott, Kigali

Iriba Bar

The Kigali Marriott Hotel opened with a lot of fanfare at the end of 2016 and people have slowly been exploring what it has to

Ubumwe Grande, Kigali

Ubumwe Grande

You’ve probably noticed the huge hotel that has spring up close to UTC in town with the umbrella things on the roof. First it was

The Hut, Kigali

The Hut

I love it when new places open in Kigali that feel like a lot of time and care has gone into getting things up and

German Butchery, Kigali

The German Butchery

The German Butchery is one of my favourite places in town – partially because it’s practically across the road from my house but mostly because

Ruzizi Lodge, Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Ruzizi Tented Lodge

Accommodation all around the world is very seldom all that interesting… little more than a hopefully a nice-ish room in a decent location to spend

Turambe Shoppe, Kigali

Turambe Shoppe

Turambe Shoppe was opened a few months ago by an American with a love of food keen to combine a grab-and-go concept with high quality

Pili Pili, Kigali

Pili Pili

It seems like more and more houses are popping up in the Kibagabaga area and on the hills beyond and, suddenly, this neighbourhood doesn’t seem

Poivre Noir, Kigali

Poivre Noir

Poivre Noir is another chef-owned addition to Kigali’s ever-expanding restaurant scene. It seems like these have been springing up with a bit of regularity over


It’s a house! It’s a restaurant! It’s O’Tamarillo! I love the idea of kicking things up a notch from the usual flavours of Kigali with

Piano Bar

I love a good outing at a local bar but lately I haven’t been doing much exploring. With all of the new Kigali restaurants popping

Chapati, Kigali


This place has moved to a new spot in Kimihurura. The map is right but the photos are of the old place. Hidden out of

Shawarma House & Grill

This place has changed names. It seems like Middle Eastern restaurants are opening up at a good pace these days. Lebanese Restaurant came and went

Asian Kitchen, Kigali

Asian Kitchen

Asian Kitchen, where have you been all of my Kigali-life? This adorable new Thai place has wowed me with their food so far and I’m

Pan China, Kigali

Pan China

Pan China has moved! These photos are of the old place. It’s now located in the same complex as Sakae. The map at the bottom