Pure Africa Coffee, Kigali

Pure Africa Coffee

A new Kigali cafe seems to have sprouted up from nowhere in Kimihurura. I’ve never noticed this plot in my life, despite spending loads of

Serena Hotel, Kigali

Serena Hotel

Serena Hotel offered me a free stay, food, and spa treatments in exchange for this review. Ah Serena Hotel… I’ve loved you since we first

Kigali Art Cafe, Kigali

Kigali Art Cafe

I’ve been out of Kigali for about eight months which is way WAY too long for my soul to stay happy. But I’m back now,

Bwok, Kigali

Bwok Cafe and Bistro

The last time I was in Kigali way back in February, Rz Manna were in the process of reducing the service at their Nyarutarama location

The Retreat

The Retreat

On your last trip down KN 29 Street you may have noticed that Heaven Restaurant have expanded their empire all the way up and down

Now Now Rolex, Kigali

Now Now Rolex

If you’ve never spent any time in Uganda, you might be expecting that this article is about watches. But no. It’s about chapati. More than

Inka Steakhouse, Kigali

Inka Steakhouse

Inka… it means ‘cow’ in Kinyarwanda! Clever. I like the name and I like the restaurant but it’s a place I hardly ever find myself

1000 Hills Distillery, Kigali

1000 Hills Distillery

1000 Hills Distillery is a distillery (yep!) and a restaurant rolled up into one beautiful package that’s perched atop a hill a short drive beyond

Heaven Boutique Hotel, Kigali

Heaven Boutique Hotel

At some point after leaving Kigali for a few months, I returned to see that Heaven seems to have expanded to take over most of

Preet, Kigali


I like to think I’m pretty up on Kigali restaurants and knowledgeable of what’s new and where’s good. I guess it is sort of my

Marriott Hotel, Kigali

Kigali Marriott Hotel

Kigali Marriott Hotel offered a me free stay in exchange for this review. The Marriott Hotel came to Kigali back in 2016, finally opening its

Afia Organics, Kigali

Afia Organics

Afia Organics opened fairly recently in Kimihurura where the cocktail bar Jet Lag used to be. This building has had a lot of things come

Radisson Blu, Kigali

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu offered a me free stay in exchange for this review. Since arriving in Kigali in 2010 I’ve waited patiently, along with everyone else,

Umut Cafe, Kigali

Umut Cafe

I’m a massively huge fan of Lebanese and Greek food but besides getting greasy doner kebabs way too often in London at 5am after crazy

Choma'd, Kigali


Choma’d opening back in January 2017 behind the Haute Baso clothing and design shop in Nyarutarama. It replaced J. Lynn’s (who moved to Kagugu) and