OC Pizza Bar & Grill

This place has moved to the Hashtag compound in Nyarutarama. Poutine? Poutine… in Kigali? For those non-Canadian readers out there (I’m sure there are a


Monmartse is a relatively new Korean place located just behind RDB. I heard about it a few months ago, but who knows how long its

Bamboo Rooftop

This is another one of Kigali’s restaurants that I seem to frequent a lot but have yet to get around to a reviewing. They actually


I was late in discovering Makumba. The bar has been here since I moved to Kigali over three years ago but I’ve only really started


Fois gras has made it to Kigali! L’Epicurien, a new French restaurant in Kimihurura, has it on offer along with other hard-to-find goodies like duck

The Bistro at Urban Hotel

Urban Hotel seems to have sprung up almost overnight in Kiyovu, just down the road from Hotel Gorillas. It’s an orange site to behold! All

Pascha Restaurant

Pascha is either closed or under renovations at the moment. Sadness. They have bean bag chairs and shisha! BEAN BAG CHAIRS!! Finally… something a little

Micha’s Bistro-Cafe

This place has closed. As someone always on the lookout for food adventures, I tend to gravitate towards the places that never seem to have

KGL Fast Food

This place has closed down. When I arrived this afternoon for my great ‘KGL Fast Food’ experiment, I was disappointed to see the doors locked.

Lil' Vegas

Li’l Vegas

CRAP! L’il Vegas has closed. Let me preface this review by saying that any restaurant that has Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce to accompany the meal is

Shere Sardar, Kigali

Shere Sardar

When I first saw that crazy huge red and yellow tent-like-thing go up on top of the Manor Hotel in Nyarutarama I wasn’t quite sure


The name has changed but the venue is still alive and kicking. I’ll just come out and say it; the new Papyrus hasn’t raised the

La Galette

La Galette

La Galette is the secret garden of Kigali eateries. The combination restaurant, butchery, bakery, and market, (and bar) is tucked away in a quiet corner

Kenyan Grill & BBQ

Grill & BBQ

I haven’t been to Kenya yet but I hear the food is great. The people who tell me this seem to know everything about living

Meze Fresh

Meze Fresh

When I heard Kigali was getting Mexican food I started counting down the minutes until I could hold a sweet burrito in my hands once