Kimy Gourmand

This place is sooooo cute! It’s small and simple but this crepery is a perfect addition to Kigali’s growing variety of restaurants. That’s right… crepes! Kimy Gourmand has been open for awhile now and it’s one of my go-to spots for something just a bit different from the usual Kigali offerings of burgers and spaghetti bolognaise. Which is always welcome as far as I’m concerned!

This unassuming, relaxed little restaurant is located at the top of Kimihurura in a small building sort of on the edge of a parking lot. Though the space is pretty basic, they’ve managed to create a friendly, family-run-cafe sort of feel and their small space feels cozy and inviting. Service is quick, prices are good, and there are lots of really great surprises on the menu.

Kimi Gourmand

I love finding places that branch out a bit and offer something unique to the city. As Kigali’s first crepe place, Kimy Gourmand is already a winner in my eyes. They’ve got a selection of about 15 different savory lunch crepes made with buckwheat flour and you can also opt to create your own using a variety of ingredients that include smoked salmon, goat cheese, ground beef, mozzarella, chicken curry, spinach, whipped cream, bacon, mushrooms, honey, and lots of other really interesting choices.

I’ve tried ‘L’Indienne’ (Rwf 5,500), a chicken curry crepe which seems like it might be weird because it has grated cheese on top, but it somehow works! Another favourite of friends of mine is the ‘La Norvegienne’ (Rwf 5,500) with smoked salmon, fresh cream, and chives. There’s such an array of ingredients combined in creative ways with interesting names (‘La Fanny’, anyone?) that you’re bound to find a choice that tempts your taste buds.

Kimi Gourmand

While I’m a huge fan of Kimy Gourmand, this little crepes mecca isn’t without its frustrations. The first three times I visited, I ordered a ‘make your own’ crepe with ground beef, goats cheese, and tomatoes. Same order, same waiter. The first time around I guess the waiter noted that it’s a variation of ‘Le Texane’ except without onions and goat’s cheese instead of gouda and somehow I ended up with ‘Le Texane’ without my little alterations.  I don’t like cooked onions and passionately dislike gouda so I had to send it back. It was returned to me looking much the same but with the onions picked off. Same cheese. Mysterious. Eventually they made another and got it correct.

Kimy Gourmand

Unfortunately on my second and third visits, the same thing happened. Quite miraculous considering I felt like I was being extremely clear with my order, almost to a comical point. The waiter repeated my order several times but, alas, to no avail, and the offending onions and gouda were, once again, layered onto my crepe. On my fourth visit I was absurdly clear with my order almost to the point of walking him into the kitchen and watching the chef cook my lunch (but not quite) and… SUCCESS! But if my French and Kinyarwanda didn’t suck so badly I wouldn’t have this problem so, my bad. But my point is, if you’re picky and annoying like me, make sure to be as clear as possible about your order. Happily, the most recent time I visited everything went perfectly smoothly!

But, early frustrations aside, Kimy Gourmand is a great place with friendly staff and welcoming owners. It’s just such a nice little place and so great to see something a bit unique. I love that it’s all crepes, all the time with a few salads thrown in for good measure. They’ve also got a good selection of beer, wine, and a few other alcoholic items on the menu if you want to mix things up a bit and opt for a boozy lunch. I haven’t tried their smoothies yet but they’ve often got a few creative mixes listed on their specials board that I’d like to try one of these days.

Kimi Gourmand

One of the reasons I keep coming back is their ice cream (Rwf 1,000 per scoop). I don’t know what they do to make it so amazing but it must be homemade with a lot of love and delicious ingredients. The coconut ice cream is so flavourful and has little pieces of coconut in it to kick things up to the next level. I think the ‘L’Antillaise’ (Rwf 3,500 pictured above) which features the coconut ice cream, bananas, and chocolate sauce is one of the best desserts in the city and they have a few other ‘Special Crepes’ on offer that look like they’re worth a try. More simple dessert crepes with toppings like Nutella or caramel range in price from Rwf 1,000 to 1,500 and they also have waffles, people!

Kimy Gourmand

On a more recent trip I tried their ‘Speculoos’ ice cream which I’m currently addicted to and I’m not even Belgian. If you’ve never tried anything Speculoos-flavoured, do yourself a favour, drop what you’re doing, and go eat this immediately. They’ve also got chocolate, mocha, banana, strawberry, and I have no doubt that they’re all delicious.

Overall Kimy Gourmand is a great little place and a must stop for lovers of good ice cream. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Hours: 11:30am to 10pm
Phone: 0786 792 388

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  1. Hello ! I would just like to thank you for this comment. As you know it’s not easy to make everyboby happy in restauration. When people like you come and “appreciate” what we do, it’s just… Wonderful. Mercy ! Sorry for the mistakes. Hope to see again !!! Claudia and Fanny (owners)

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