This place has moved to a new spot in Kimihurura. The map is right but the photos are of the old place.

Hidden out of the way in Gikondo and even more out of the way on Magerwa’s sprawling complex, Chapati isn’t a place you randomly pass by and become curious about. You won’t stumble onto this adorable little place by accident unless you’re heading to Magerwa for some importing/exporting or happen to be taking an adventurous walk around Gikondo’s industrial area. So in order to help share the good news and give people a bit of direction to find the place, here’s a review!

I really love it when a restaurant experience goes smoothly but it doesn’t really give me all that much to write about. These reviews are certainly more entertaining when things go wrong. But Chapati is a great example of a place that seems to be doing everything right. From delicious fresh food, to well-trained staff, to a welcoming atmosphere, to the care taken to create a nice logo. They’ve got the important things covered but they’ve also taken care with those extra little touches. With Pane Olio & Pomodoro, Asian Kitchen, and now Chapati, Kigali seems to be on a roll with new, quality restaurants. This makes my stomach happy.

Chapati, Kigali

The servers here are super smiley, friendly, efficient, and just plain ol’ good at their job. You place your order at the window, take a seat, and you’ll have your food within 10 or 15 minutes. They’re quick to take your plate away and wipe up the table after you finish your meal, they make sure to watch to see if you’ve used up all of your napkins and provide you with new ones, and they manage to be professional in what is a very relaxed and casual setting. I don’t know if this is because extra care was taken by the owners to provide training of if they just got lucky with good people, but Chapati has a pretty frustration-free service experience and that’s refreshing.

Chapati, Kigali

Chapati is a pretty unique place for Kigali – the restaurant (if you can call it that… it’s something like a stationary food truck, if that makes any sense) has been built out of a shipping container with food prep being done inside the pretty small space and tables laid out on the grass and on a deck in front. They even have picnic tables! I love picnic tables. It reminds me of home and they’re a rare sight here in Kigali. Though there are umbrellas, on a super sunny day you might want to head to one of the side tables where you also have tree shade. I loved sitting off to the side tucked away watching life go by. Who knew one of Kigali’s industrial parts of town could have such a relaxing space? Not I!

Chapati, Kigali

I’m obviously sold on the setup and the service… but how’s the food? Well the menu is pretty small with just a handful of chapati wraps and a few other options on offer, but what they do have, they do very well. I’ve always been a bit dubious of the chapati as a base for a wrap… they can be pretty heavy and there’s a chance that you’ll end up with a lot more chapati that you do ingredients.

Well Chapati makes a pretty amazing chapati, let me tell you. It’s light and flaky and not oily at all. They’ve sold me on the idea of a chapati as a wrap and, not only that, I’m kind of looking forward to trying to make my own wraps with a chapati instead of the ever-elusive tortilla. I tried the ‘Yves’ (Rwf 1,500) which is ground beef, avocado, and kachumbari (you have a choice of with or without chilis) and it’s super good. I love me some kachumbari so it’s awesome that it’s a topping choice.

Samosas, Chapati, Kigali

The best part? The prices! This place is super affordable! A samosa is Rwf 300, a veggie chapati only Rwf 1,000 and the rolexes range in price from Rwf 1,000 to 2,500 and I have it on a good source that they’re one of the most filling things in Kigali. And for a real shocker… a glass bottle of Coke Zero is is only Rwf 400!! That, my friends, is absurd but wonderful. Value for money I don’t think there’s anywhere in Kigali with better prices.

I’m a fan of Chapati and I’m a surprised fan of wraps made with a chapati. I also really enjoy the word ‘chapati’ and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it approximately 500 times in this review. Have you been to Chapati yet? What did you think?

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm, Saturday, 8am – 5pm, Closed Sunday
Phone: 0728 103 498

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  1. Loooove Chapati. Full disclosure; I know the young couple running it (and you’re right, the great service is not a coincidence), but my tummy doesn’t allow for bias, and I’m a regular. When I asked why their prices were so low, they replied “people shouldn’t be ripped off”. Considering the prevailing prices in Kigz, I thought “That’s a weird business ethic”. Then again, maybe that’s just ethics in business. Great review. Twas a pleasure reading it. I will not be forwarding it to the couple cos I can’t handle I told you so’s.

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