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This place has closed down.

This place is located in Kimihurura across from Mamba Club. It’s big and red and impossible to miss. Seriously… it’s really red. I think you might be able to spot it from Kiyovu. From the outside it looks like a walled, beer-label-painted fortress like most local bars but inside there’s a nice beer garden to hang out it. The lighting here is slightly horrifying but there are rumours that it turns into a dance club of sorts on the weekends, so I guess that could explain things. If you feel like giving them a call, their numbers are 0788505427 and 0788587994… at least according to their bill.

I am a firm lover of my secret Kiyovu brochettes place and have been searching far and wide (well, within Kigali) for a better brochette for many months. I’m not going to go too crazy and proclaim that this place has better brochettes than my Kiyovu place… but I am going to say that it certainly comes close.

Goat BrochettesThe brochettes themselves were a little tough and overcooked (although aren’t they all?) but they did put onions and green peppers in between the meat which is a huge bonus and I didn’t have to spit out any fatty or nasty bits. Prices here are more than most local bars I’ve been to. A goat brochette costs Rwf 800 (as opposed to 500 at some other places), a plate of chips cost Rwf 800 and a potato Rwf 300. A large Mutzig costs Rwf 1,000 and a Primus Rwf 800.

One of the reasons other brochettes places around town fail my quality test is because they don’t serve the meat with onions on top.  Yummy Rwandan onions are an essential part of the brochette experience and this place not only put onions on the meat, they also had plenty on the side for my lone ibiyari (potato). They also had lettuce, cabbage coleslaw, a tomato slice and a glob of mayonnaise on the side as well which some brochettes places will charge you for. It’s true! Oh the humanity.

IbiyariTheir pili pili was delicious as well. Really fresh and not oily. Mixed with a bit of mayo and ketchup, it makes a nice sauce for those of us who aren’t able to handle the spicy stuff on its own. The food took over an hour to come which is pretty much to be expected. We were the only people in there eating so I sort of expected things to go a bit quicker, but it was not to be. But the garden was a nice place to hang out and sip on a cold beer. The waitress was attentive and returned from time to time to pour more beer from our bottle into our glass.

It’s a nice place, the staff a friendly, the toilets are clean and it’s got a good location smack in the middle of Kimihurura. It’s not going to be your cheapest local bar experience but the food is good and paying a bit more for quality isn’t too much to ask… is it? Remember they give you lots of onions!


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