Papyrus was closed down in September 2011 and re-opened with a new owner as Ogopogo.  A gigantic new Papyrus has opened up and you can read the review here.

Definitely a club you’ll hear mentioned, Papyrus is an absolute must to visit in Kigali. I have friends who passionately hate this place, but that has more to do with the at times pushy flirting scene, as well as a crowded dance floor with so-so music, and… hmm, it doesn’t sound all that good now, does it? Well, it is, okay? And I love it, and you should all try it out and make up your own minds. So there! Besides, after a new dance section was added, Fridays at Papyrus (this is a term you’ll soon get familiar with) are again bearable.

The locale is divided between an outdoor terrace with several tables and seating (as well as a small outdoor bar) while the inside consists of a small lounge with a bar and a dance floor with dark corners. The bathrooms remains horrid despite multiple attempts at upgrading them, and for busy nights, it really isn’t enough with only 3 bathrooms (2 for ladies and 1 for men).

The crowd is a mix of expats and locals of all ages, though you’ll see a majority of younger people with cash to spare. Papyrus is also a see-and-be-seen place, so you might want to brace yourself for mean girls in high heels and manicured guys with too much self-confidence (or happily join their ranks!)  Sadly— despite increased efforts to bump up security— there are still a lot of pocket thieves among the crowd, as well as a healthy portion of prostitutes (admittedly considerably less tacky than those you’ll find at KBC).

During the week, the music can vary from chill-out Buddha Bar lounge to Congolese pop. In the weekends, it’s usually always the same music: top 40 mixed with Hip-Hop classics, the best of the 80s and East African pop. Though I have at times felt sick of the same music every weekend, I always end up having a lot of fun (though this probably should be accredited my amazing crazy Papyrus companions…) The dance floor is just dark enough to allow for the right amount of tackiness we all need after a long week. But don’t go too crazy, ya’ll – I have very good night vision…

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9 thoughts on “Papyrus”

  1. I think the dance floor smells like armpits and I can’t handle too much of it. But I’m short and my nose is, unfortunately, at prime armpit height, so this might not be an issue for you.

    Fortunately I always find people to chat with while my friends dance it up inside. Whether these people actually want to talk to me in return is up for debate. I never even notice the music so I guess that says what I think of it.

    All up, I think it’s a good place to hang out, especially since you have the option of dancing or chilling outside.

  2. Ok Papyrus. I want to like you, I really do. But please tell me how it’s possible that 100% of the time I go to the toilets, there is pee all over the seat. Even on the back part… how is that even possible? It’s almost an accomplishment to have toilets that nasty even on quiet weekdays. Do you have people intentionally piss on the seats so that nobody takes their time in there?

    Seriously. Pull it together! Papyrus patrons… stop pissing all over the seat! Papyrus staff… clean them once in awhile!


  3. I’m off to Kigali for a two year contract and wondering what to pack for a night out in Kigali. What does a 20 something expat girl wear to Papyrus or other clubs. Jeans and a t-shirt? Cocktail dress? Help a sister out!

    1. Hey Kylie! Jeans and a nice shirt will do but so will dresses. I guess it depends how girlie you are. Some people here get really dressed up (Inga) and others don’t (me) and we all co-exist peacefully in Kigali’s nightlife world.

      Papyrus is closed for the moment and nobody’s really sure when it’ll re-open. I think when it does it’s only going to be a restaurant and not much of a party place but we’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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