Quiz Night at Sol e Luna

When: 8:30pm on Mondays
Venue: Sol e Luna
Cost: Free!

Quiz night has been one of those things I’ve done since arriving in Kigali. Some weeks are really fun and some are semi-torturous, but I’m always guaranteed a yummy Sol e Luna pizza, at the very least. It’s a really good deal with no entry fees and it gives people something to do on an otherwise quiet Monday night. Plus it’s a good way to keep on top of new arrivals to Kigali as it seems like every muzungo has passed through the quiz night doors at one point or another.

Quiz night was started around two years ago by the folks at Torero Cafe (which has since closed down… which sucks because if sounds like it was a pretty cool place) and has moved between various venues before settling at Sol e Luna from Christmas 2009. The quiz is managed by John, a long time Kigali expat (and regular reader of quiz questions) who has arranged for Sol e Luna to donate $100 each week to a charity of his choice which is currently Imbuto. John is also responsible for organising a Christmas clothing drive and is always accepting donations so email us if you have any clothes to unload and we’ll put you in touch.

Sol e Luna is a fantastic venue with the best pizza in town and a great view but you’ll most likely be focused less on the view and more on trying to impress your friends and colleagues with your knowledge of useless things. It’s located near Chez Lando, beside Beausejour Hotel. A pizza and a beer will cost you around Rwf 6,000 and make sure to order straight away as you’ll have to wait awhile if it’s busy. I usually try to arrive by 7:45pm as tables and chairs can sometimes be hard to come by. They always manage to squeeze everyone in, though.

I’ve met a few new friends through quiz night as it’s not uncommon for solo people to join teams of strangers or for small teams to combine their efforts. The crowd is friendly and it’s a great way to bring theĀ development community in Kigali together. Teams are limited to seven people which is sometimes enforced and sometimes not. I guess it only really becomes an issue if you win. Sadly, I am a repeated quiz loser. The shame is almost too much to bear. The prize for winning the quiz besides everyone’s undying love and admiration (at least until the following week) is a free meal and drinks plus the occasional bonus prize from other Kigali businesses.

Winning teams are responsible for coming up with the questions for the following week which is great when the winning team puts some effort into making a good quiz, and there have certainly been some great ones. But on the flip side are the less inspiring or disorganised Quiz Masters which can lead to a frustrating night. I’m a pretty regular quiz night attendee and usually have a fun time. Sure, the quiz itself might not be so inspiring from time to time, but if you have a good group of quiz teammates it makes for a fun night no matter what. See you there!

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10 thoughts on “Quiz Night at Sol e Luna”

  1. May have somthing to do with falling asleep half-way through as well…. no? Whatever happened to the sensory quizzes! Where you could smell and touch and listen and all that?!

  2. @kickin I blame the Gnome.

    @inga Come on… they’re not that bad! Although the time there was a 50 question quiz with around six questions about Scandinavian tennis players was not fun.

  3. There was a quiz night at an Irish pub in Germany that I loved going to – I’ll have to check out the Rwandan version as soon as we arrive!

  4. Cool! Is this the kind of quiz where the ask for the first country to organize the eurovision songfestival, or nummer of exact square feet of australia, or the name of the 10th president of the US? The kind of questions that tear you apart, because you think you should now something about it, but that your memory failed by an inch to make the jump?

    1. The quiz is the kind that can sometimes excite and, more often, destroy your soul. It’s good when the team in charge put some effort in but it’s sort of hit and miss. Usually pretty USA/UK-centric, though. But the pizza’s good, the wine is ok and it can be a good night out. šŸ™‚

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