Practical Information

Meeting People in Kigali

Have you just arrived in Kigali? Don’t know a single person here and want to make some friends? Or maybe, like me, you’ve been in

Mototaxi Survival Guide

Mototaxi Survival Guide

Scooting around on the back of motorcycles is a great way to get around town and it’s one of the things I love most about

Getting Tested in Kigali

Getting Tested in Kigali

Being responsible about your own health is indisputably important, especially if leading an intermittently irresponsible life in Kigali. A vital part of being responsible is

Muzungu Spotting

The Muzungu in Rwanda (M. rwandicus)

A genuine interest in the muzungu in Rwanda is evident within the local population, but a lack of proper understanding of the species has often

Weather in Kigali, Rwanda

Weather in Kigali

There are a couple of important things to say about the weather in Kigali. First, it has the best weather in the world (my opinion

Safety & Security in Kigali

Safety & Security in Kigali

My guess is that when you tell the average person you’re moving to or already living in Rwanda, there’s a moment of hesitation and confusion

Dance Contest at FAV-Rwanda

Volunteering in Rwanda

Volunteering allows both expats and travellers an opportunity to get involved in a cause, meet locals with big hearts and big ideas, learn a lot

Why Kigali is Paradise, Rwanda

Why Kigali is Paradise

The old Rwandan saying goes like this: ‘After God had created the world, He went back to Rwanda to rest.’ Personally, I suspect He created

Police in Rwanda

Police in Kigali

There are three things you should know about the Rwandan police. For one, they don’t have their own police cars which means that if you

Things to Pack for Kigali

Things to Pack for Kigali

If you were to ask me what to bring when moving to Kigali, I would tell you to stuff your suitcase with heavy-duty boots, mosquito

Electricity Box Thing

Utilising Utilities in Kigali

Sorry about the reasonably unexciting article that follows, but it’s the lack of these little bits of information that can cause frustration and we’re here

The Player’s Guide to Kigali

Oh, the abundance of epigrams and proverbs one might use to introduce this article! “To play the game, you need to know the rules”, “Most