Magda Cafe

Magda Cafe

This newly opened cafe in Kacyiru is suspiciously Bourbon-esque except a bit cheaper, with better food and without the atmosphere. They even have the same tables, chairs, cups and the menu is glaringly similar as well. Magda Cafe is tucked away at the back of what looks like an office building and, while it is a nice enough place, it doesn’t have the cozy-factor of some of Kigali’s other cafes. They’ve got a couple of couches which give a bit of cozy, but the lack of an outdoor sitting area is a big minus in a city with such great weather and views.

But what Magda lacks in atmosphere it makes up for in service, food and drinks. The menu is slightly more creative than Bourbon, though it shares lots of the same dishes which was a bit of a letdown. The chicken pesto sandwich looked very familiar but they managed to pull it off without the use of smelly sock cheese. The iced mocha was delicious because they went a bit overboard when I asked for some extra chocolate in it. The drink was almost black because of all of the chocolate they added in. For me, this was a great, great thing. I may have developed diabetes but it was so good. The guy sitting behind me seemed pretty impressed with their coffee.

Pesto Chicken SandwichI had gone to Magda to soak up some of their free wifi and was disappointed to find a working, but very crappy connection. I was supposedly connected to their network that appeared to be up and running, but after 5 minutes and no Yahoo email loaded, I gave up and reverted to my USB modem. It’s a pretty good working environment but a little dark so reading might be a struggle unless you park yourself by the big windows.

The staff were really attentive and friendly and I felt like I could have hung out there for awhile without any annoyance. It was pretty quiet while I was there, though. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to come back to Magda Cafe (unless I needed a super-chocolately iced mocha fix) but if I lived in Kacyiru, I could see myself coming here regularly, especially if they improve their wifi connection.

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6 thoughts on “Magda Cafe”

  1. wawoo!!!! I’m impressed that i found some one who has been to that same place just where i was for the last week. i found Magda cafe being one of the most convenient place to be if u have a mobile office or a business dealer because there is no any noise and it’s more of a VIP place to be.i had the same issue about the wifi connection since i was doing my online business and i had a chance to ask their warm and kind server who told me it was a Rwandatel issue of which they don’t have control over .
    i will ever be happy when i step there because they gave me the fast warm welcome since i visited most Rwandan coffee shops. keep it up Magda.

  2. Hej,
    Jag vill bara säga att den kaffé är jätte fint, och trevlig.
    Matten är jätte goda. Mycket trevliga personal.
    Så Gud välsigne chefen. Bra,det finns inget att klaga på. Allt gick som det skulle! Rekommenderas! Grattis!!!

  3. Magda is a great place to setup a temporary office during the day or to relax over hot drinks with friends in the evening. It’s not a flashy place, but it is cozy and quiet and has a few couches where people can relax a little. In my experience the service has always been very good and the food has yet to disappoint. As Kirsty says the Internet connection can be inconsistent at times, going from good one hour to virtually nonexistent the next, but such is the quality of Internet in Rwanda.

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