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Do you have a blog or website about living in Kigali or Rwanda? We want to hear about it and share it with our readers. Just add a link to us on your site and send us your details and we’ll do the same. Or don’t and we’ll add you anyways!


Instagram is one of the best ways to keep on top of what’s up in Kigali. Most businesses are on it and there are lots of people posting about their lives in Kigali so if you want to stay on top of whats what, it’s a good place to browse.




  • A Year in Kigali – Follow the experiences of Helaina, a recent graduate who is spending a year in Kigali working for Generation Rwanda.
  • Enclos*ure – A blog about garden design by someone living in Kigali.
  • En Root Rwanda – Nice blog with a lot of good observations and insights from a Peace Corps volunteer.
  • Gatete Views – A fantastic, highly opinionated blog about Rwanda and so much more. Always a really interesting perspective and a must-read.
  • Kiwi in Kigali – His last blog entry was April 2010 but it’s still a great read and full of practical information.
  • Navita in Rwanda – A friend’s blog about life in Rwanda. A great read!
  • Rwanda Influence – This blog by Karli, an American living in Kigali, has a few really useful and in-depth articles that are especially useful for new arrivals.
  • Rwanda on the Wing – A blog about birds, ecology and sustainability in Rwanda.
  • The Six Cent Avacado – My friends Caitlin and Christina blog about life in Kigali and their work with Global Grassroots. A great read!
  • Sunny Ntayombya – A really well written blog with very interesting opinions on very interesting issues. Really good stuff and worth a look!