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Ubumwe Grande, Best Views in Kigali

Best Views in Kigali

Kigali never fails to amazing me with how beautiful it is. Whether it’s walking around the city’s hills in the hot sun, zipping around town

Serena Hotel, Swimming Pools in Kigali

Swimming Pools in Kigali

It’s here! At long last! An epic, updated article about swimming pools in Kigali… just in time for the end of the dry season. Oops.

Kigaliy Public Library

Kigali Public Library

Kigali has a library! And it’s kind of a cool place. The building is pretty sexy with high stone walls, high ceilings, and a lot

Keeping Kids Entertained in Kigali

As I’ve said countless times before, Kigali is the kind of city where you need to make your own fun. This can make keeping your

CycloFemme Rwanda

On Sunday, May 11th, the Rwandan Cycling Federation (FERWACY) in conjunction with Team Rwanda Cycling (TRC) will host the 2nd annual CycloFemme in Rwanda, a

kLab, Best Views in Kigali

Five Fabulous Kigali Walks

Kigali is a gorgeous city packed with leafy streets and amazing views. It’s really hard to go wrong on a walk here as everywhere you

Yoga Classes in Kigali

Yoga… I’ve tried. I’ve failed. But while yoga isn’t my thing, plenty of people here love it and there are a bunch of options for

Moto Polo

Kigali is the kind of city where you have to make your own fun… but this is ridiculous! Well… ridiculous with a bit of creativity

The Nyamirambo Sauna Experience

I had heard the tales. I had seen the signs in every corner of town. Rumor and after rumor surfaced: “Men and women together??” “For

Working Out on a Budget

Working Out on a Budget

My second weekend in Kigali I was invited to a party. Imagine how jazzed I was! Everything about this city was new and exciting. I

Bowling in Kigali

Bowling has come to Kigali! I heard a rumour (ok, maybe I started the rumour…) that a bowling alley was going to be a part