Shopping in Kigali

Shopping for Rwandan Souvenirs

There are plenty of places all over Kigali with a variety of Rwanda-y items that will wow and delight friends and family. I’ve already written

Grocery Stores in Kigali

Supermarkets in Kigali

Even if you’ve only been here for a short while, chances are pretty good that you’ve already discovered stumbled onto several good grocery stores in


2000 Supermarket

Every trip to the old T-2000 near Ecole Belge felt like a falling down a rabbit hole. I’ve wandered around for hours looking at, in,

Shopping for a Wardrobe in Kigali

Wardrobe Shopping in Kigali

Someone must have told you before you decided to come here.  Perhaps you are one of those people who ignore warnings.  “There can’t possibly be