Life in Kigali

Heaven Restaurant's Sweet Movie Setup

Watching Movies in Kigali

This article is very old and mostly inaccurate… update coming soon! Some people might say Kigali is a bit of a sleepy city, others might

Working Out on a Budget

Working Out on a Budget

My second weekend in Kigali I was invited to a party. Imagine how jazzed I was! Everything about this city was new and exciting. I

Nyama Choma, Rwandan Food, Kigali

Eating Rwandan Food in Kigali

Rwanda isn’t exactly known for its cuisine. In fact, when you arrive here you might have some trouble even determining what typical local fare is.



I’ve asked every Rwandan I know about ‘akabenz’ and they always laugh at my questions. I ask if I’ve said something wrong but usually they


2000 Supermarket

Every trip to the old T-2000 near Ecole Belge felt like a falling down a rabbit hole. I’ve wandered around for hours looking at, in,

Milk Bars

Milk Bars in Kigali

I love Kigali! I love goin’ out! I love bars! I LOVE MILK BARS! Hot milk bars are the greatest thing about Rwanda. They aren’t

Casino Kigali

Casino Kigali

The casino has moved to the basement of Lemigo Hotel. The review below is for the old location but the map below is accurate. I

Uburanga Arts Studio

Uburanga Arts Studio

This arts studio has closed. Contemporary art is on the rise in Rwanda thanks to studios like Uburanga Arts. Started in March 2012 by Jean

Ivuka Arts

Ivuka Arts

There’s a good chance some of you are already acquainted with Ivuka Arts. If you somehow missed the memo, it gives me great pleasure to

Bowling in Kigali

Bowling has come to Kigali! I heard a rumour (ok, maybe I started the rumour…) that a bowling alley was going to be a part

Juru Park, Solitude in Kigali

Parks & Grassy Spots in Kigali

Kigali is a beautiful, clean, green, well-manicured city – and they want to keep it that way so stay off the grass! Walking on the

Ultimate Frisbee in Kigali

Ultimate Frisbee in Kigali

Not only has this sport been dubbed as ‘The Greatest Sport Ever Invented By Man’, but it is also one of the most unique and

Shopping for a Wardrobe in Kigali

Wardrobe Shopping in Kigali

Someone must have told you before you decided to come here.  Perhaps you are one of those people who ignore warnings.  “There can’t possibly be

Kaskito Pub, brochettes, Kigali

Eating Brochettes in Kigali

Vegetarians look away! There’s nothing for you in this article. As far as I know, brochettes places in Kigali concentrate purely on beef, goat, chicken

Playing Tennis in Kigali

Tennis fans in Kigali are in luck because there are several places to play scattered all around town. With the beautiful weather and clay courts,