Life in Kigali

Leah’s Favourite Kigali Meals

Over the past few years – possibly months – Kigali has become a place with some seriously good food options. No – wait – don’t

Serena Hotel, Swimming Pools in Kigali

Swimming Pools in Kigali

It’s here! At long last! An epic, updated article about swimming pools in Kigali… just in time for the end of the dry season. Oops.

Shopping for Rwandan Souvenirs

There are plenty of places all over Kigali with a variety of Rwanda-y items that will wow and delight friends and family. I’ve already written

Grocery Stores in Kigali

Supermarkets in Kigali

Even if you’ve only been here for a short while, chances are pretty good that you’ve already discovered stumbled onto several good grocery stores in

Kigaliy Public Library

Kigali Public Library

Kigali has a library! And it’s kind of a cool place. The building is pretty sexy with high stone walls, high ceilings, and a lot

Inzora Rooftop Cafe, Brownie

Kigali for Chocolate Lovers

While I doubt a search for chocolate decadence is what brought you to Rwanda in the first place (or maybe it was… who am I

Rz Manna, Kigali

Bakeries in Kigali

When I arrived in Kigali in mid-2010, the only places to get bakery basics like baguettes and bread that I knew of were Simba and

Nyamirambo Pub Crawl

For being the Muslim area of town, Nyamirambo certainly does ok for bars and debauchery. The area close to the Green Mosque is pretty Muslim-y

Yego Arts

Yego Arts was closed under mysterious circumstances and they’re currently doing their best to find a new location to re-open. Yego Arts is one of

Keeping Kids Entertained in Kigali

As I’ve said countless times before, Kigali is the kind of city where you need to make your own fun. This can make keeping your