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Pain au Chocolate, Question Coffee, Kigali

Cafes in Kigali

Kigali’s cafe scene has changed drastically since I wrote this ancient article way back in 2011. Time for an update! The good news is that

How to Eat Fruit in Kigali

Fruit.The fleshy part of the flowering plant. Flower tissue. Plant ovary. Oh yes, our sugary friend goes by many names… In Kigali we are blessed

Sakae, Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali’s Best Meals

I don’t want to be too hard on my beloved little Kigali but I do have to be honest – good food in this city

Mojito and Margarita and Inga at Mille Collines

Kirsty & Inga’s Kigali Cocktail Tour

It’s the eternal question, isn’t it: What came first; the cock or the tail? As under-educated, slightly immature humans, we really aren’t in a position

Serena Hotel Buffet, Kigali, Rwanda

Lunch Buffets in Kigali

This article is super old and mostly inaccurate… update coming soon! Ah the buffet… I don’t know if it’s something traditionally Rwandan or what, but

Nyama Choma, Rwandan Food, Kigali

Eating Rwandan Food in Kigali

Rwanda isn’t exactly known for its cuisine. In fact, when you arrive here you might have some trouble even determining what typical local fare is.



I’ve asked every Rwandan I know about ‘akabenz’ and they always laugh at my questions. I ask if I’ve said something wrong but usually they

Milk Bars

Milk Bars in Kigali

I love Kigali! I love goin’ out! I love bars! I LOVE MILK BARS! Hot milk bars are the greatest thing about Rwanda. They aren’t