Kigali’s Best Sandwiches

Chicken Club, Iriba Bar, Marriott, Kigali

I love sandwiches. They are just timeless. I dream of avocado slices, I’m addicted to great cheese, and I’m a big fan of mayonnaise (a divisive topic, I know). From sandwiches filled with fish to chicken to all sorts of veggies, there is a surprisingly large number of delicious offerings in the city! Since Bbrood bread is fairly affordable, fresh vegetables and butcheries abound, and cheese is becoming increasingly available, sandwiches here are pretty dang good.

In Kigali, it’s usually the brochettes, burgers, grilled chicken, or nyama choma that gets the love. But the sandwich! It deserves love too! It possesses creativity even as it lacks formality, and it’s about time sandwiches in Kigali get the recognition they deserve. Below is a list of a couple of great sandwiches, as well as some ideas for sandwich making of your own here in our fair city.

Two quick caveats before we get started: 1) I don’t eat red meat or pork (#keepingitkosher), so please don’t be too upset if I’m missing some of your meaty favorites! Do however feel free to recommend those favorites to all our meat-loving fans in the comment section. 2)  If you’re looking for a comprehensive hamburger guide, this isn’t it! But check out Kirsty’s awesome list to fill all of your hamburger-related desires. Without further ado – Kigali’s sandwiches!

Brachetto – The Capri (Rwf, 4,500)

Oh wow, this takes me back. Brachetto is actually where I first started loving sandwiches in Kigali! Pre Brachetto’s existence, good sandwiches were nearly impossible to find. But then came Brachetto some time in 2014! Their Paris sandwich was my first love (camembert, caramelized onions, arugula, and toasted bread), but that’s unfortunately no longer on the menu. At least there is still the Capri. With tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella, this sandwich is fresh, filling, and oh so tasty.

Delizia Italiana – Vegetable Piadina (Rwf, 4,500)

Panini, Delizia Italiana, Kigali

These sandwiches, made with a typical Italian flatbread, sauteed vegetables, and a little bit of cheese, make a fantastic snack. A definite go-to for me whenever I’m in Kigali heights, and they always make me feel slightly (ever so slightly) healthier after I gobble up three scoops of ice cream at Delizia Italiana. Thank you, Italy!

Inzora – Grilled Cheese (Rwf 4,500)

You’ve definitely all heard me wax poetic about Inzora’s grilled cheese before, but I’m just going to do it one more time. Because it is truly that good. Made with spelt bread and brushed with honey, it makes the perfect lunch. This sandwich comes served alongside a cucumber and chickpea salad, which only adds to this delectable meal!

Iriba Bar at the Marriott Hotel – Club Sandwich (Rwf 6,000)

This is a good sandwich. The bread is good, the vegetables (tomato, onion, and avocado) are fresh, and the chicken is cooked very well. It comes with chips, and could honestly be shared by two people (it’s huge!). My only complaint is the cheese – they use gouda from Rwanda to make it and…it’s not great. But! I usually just ask for the sandwich without the cheese, and it’s still fantastic.

Mr. Chips – Fish Burger (Rwf 3,400)

This fish burger is good. Really good. It’s unfortunately not as good as the Crispy Fish Sandwich at the Marriott, but seeing as that menu item was discontinued, Mr. Chips it is! At Rwf 3,400, this fried fish burger is quite the steal. For an additional Rwf 800, you can also add an order of chips. Don’t forget a flavored mayonnaise! The pesto and garlic are my favorite.

Turambe Shoppe – Tuna Sandwich (Rwf, 3,500)

Another tuna sandwich! Because they are delicious, and Kigali finally has a couple of spots that do them really well. This tuna sandwich from Turambe is incredibly different from the one from Ubumwe, but is just as good (if not better and definitely healthier). The tuna sandwich from Turambe comes on great brown bread from Bbrood, and is mixed together with grapes, celery, and greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. Yum!

Ubumwe Grande – Tuna Sandwich (Rwf 6,500)

Tuna Sandwich, Ubumwe Grande, Kigali

Though a little pricy, this tuna sandwich is so good. I honestly don’t adore most of the food at the Ubumwe Grande, though their rooftop view of Kigali is just incredible and makes a trip up there totally worth it. However, this tuna sandwich! It’s exactly what I look for in a tuna sandwich. It’s huge, comes with chips, and is filling enough to take me through the day.

Do it yourself!

Ok, ok. I realize this might be sort of cheating, but I think a do-it-yourself sandwich section is important on any list! Especially in a city like Kigali, where produce is so plentiful. A couple of tips:

  1. Get your bread from Bbrood or Baso Patissier – these two spots are easily the best in town.
  2. You can get smoked deli meat fresh from La Galette in town, or packaged from Frulep.
  3. Cheese (feta, cheese, camembert, cream cheese, etc) from Frulep, Sawa Citi, Nakumatt, La Galette, and all the usual suspects).
  4. Vegetables (good sandwich vegetables are tomatoes, onions, avocado, arugula, and eggplant) can obviously be found all over, but Fresh Basket (often purchased at Kiseki) is always a delicious option.
  5. Get creative! Throw some caramelized onions on that sandwich, or perhaps some leafy greens. Take advantage of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to give it a little extra juice, and throw it in the oven for a quick extra broil or toast. The sky is truly the limit.

And thats the list! However – don’t limit yourself to just these lovely sandwich options. If you think we have left any important ones of the list, let me know in the comment section. Happy sandwiching!

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