Kigali’s Best Salads

Kale Salad, Turambe Shoppe, Kigali

I’m not a big salad person. I’d rather just order a grilled cheese, or a fried piece of anything. Until recently, decent salads in Kigali were really hard to come by – a conundrum that made my salad eating even less frequent. Certain hotels offered some average renditions of a caesar salad, but the lettuce was often limp, the dressing was too oily, and the croutons were unremarkable. But no longer! Many restaurants and cafes around the city offer really fresh and delectable salads – so delectable, in fact, that this self-declared salad-hater even enjoys and orders them. And – they’re healthy! Some of our next few articles at Living in Kigali will explore healthy eating and living in Rwanda, so read on for our first one, and get ready to check out some of Kigali’s tastiest salads.

Brachetto – Salad Buffet (Rwf 7,500)

Brachetto’s salad buffet is unlike any other in the city. Though a little pricy for a buffet, Brachetto’s fresh greens, grilled pumpkins, sliced avocado, and homemade vinaigrettes should not be missed. Be warned however that the salad buffet is only available for lunch.

CasaKeza – Ruccola and Parmesan Salad (Rwf 4,500)

CasaKeza recently changed their menu, and while I’m not in love with all the changes (the lunch special no longer exists!), I’m thrilled that the ruccola and parmesan salad survived the purge. A great addition to a big night out with all the tapas and sangria, this salad uses fresh ruccola from the CasaKeza garden, and is too good.

Food and Go – Any Salad (Rwf 5,500)

Salad, Food & Go, Kigali

Food and Go’s delicious salads were recently listed on 10 of Kigali’s Best and Cheapest Meals, and I wasn’t kidding! Even if you’re not on a budget, Food and Go is a fantastic new option in Kigali. Located in the front entrance to WAKA, a fresh and rotating list of takeaway sandwiches and salads are available behind their cute counter. I’m not going to even list a specific salad here, because the options change quickly and literally every single one they offer is fantastic.

The Hut – Caesar Salad (Rwf 8,000)

Caesar Salad, The Hut, Kigali

Ah, The Hut. As a restaurant with a lot of good options located in a pretty accessible part of the city, I find myself eating at The Hut frequently. Though I usually gravitate towards the greek chicken kebabs, shrimp pasta, and avocado fries, I recently tried their caesar salad and really enjoyed it! It’s filling, and the grilled chicken on top is particularly good.

Kiseki – Seaweed Wakame Salad (Rwf 3,000)

Kiseki, Kigali

Kiseki’s seaweed wakame salad is undoubtedly unique to the city’s salad scene. Full of fresh lettuce, radishes, and seaweed, and served alongside an excellent sesame dressing, this salad is one of my favorite things to order before getting aggressively involved with all the sushi rolls and nigiri.

Poivre Noir – Orient Salad (Rwf 6,500)

Though Poivre Noir’s impressive salad selection is only available on their lunch menu, it is worth the visit to Kimihurura for these salads alone. Offering a caesar salad, greek salad, country salad, and orient salad, Poivre Noir uses unique and fresh ingredients to really elevate the general salad experience. Check out my favorite, the Orient Salad, a delicious combination of tabouleh, fried chickpeas, mint, coriander, tomato, onions, corn, cucumber, raisins, lime, and a delicate cumin vinaigrette.

Turambe Shoppe – Kale Chicken Caesar Salad (Rwf 6,500)

Turambe Shoppe, home of all things healthy, consistently manages to create nutritious dishes that I actually want to eat. Though they have several great sandwich, salad, and soup options, their kale chicken caesar salad is certainly one of their best. They use real parmesan (score!), a homemade caesar dressing, and just really fantastic lettuce to make this salad a real winner.

BONUS – Fresh Basket at Inzora Rooftop Cafe and Kiseki

Fresh Basket, Inzora Cafe, Kigali

This is a bonus item on the list for all you salad lovers out there! Although Fresh Basket is not a restaurant, they do sell the city’s best lettuce, arugula, kale, and more! Find their fresh¬†leaves at Kiseki and Inzora, grab some other vegetables at Kimironko Market, Frulep, or Nakumatt, and get to work making your own salad.

So what do you think, Kigali-ites? Did we miss any delicious salads from the list? Let us know in the comments section!

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