Kigali Business Directory

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We’re currently building the first true business directory in Kigali.

When we’re done, you’ll be able to find the best service providers for every possible need. Whether you’re looking for an accountant to file your tax returns, or an electrician to fix your fridge – we’ve got you covered.

Even better, the businesses featured will be vetted rigorously to ensure you only get the very best experience and highest quality.

Take a look below to see the first businesses or to submit your own to the list.

Accountants and Tax Consultants

Jali Partners

  • Phone number: +250786765422
  • Email:
  • Location: KN 59, Kiyovu

Car Rental

Kigali Motorbike Rental

  • Phone number: +250 736 111 600 / +250 784 490 187
  • Email:
  • Location: KK 282 St, Kabeza

Courier Services

QnE Delivery Services

  • Phone number: +250 789667700
  • Email:


Kigali Dermatology Clinic


Apple Store Rwanda

Estate Agents

Premier Real Estate Services

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