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Here’s how you can participate:

Have Your Say

I am not, by any means, a Kigali guru. I’m sure lots of people out there know plenty of things that I don’t and I want to hear from you! By leaving comments on articles and reviews, you can share your knowledge with everyone and we can turn the site into an amazing resource.

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I’ve got a hand dandy events calendar waiting for you to submit whatever fun event you’re organising! Submit your event by using this form and, once I approve it, it’ll appear on my events calendar.

Participate in the Facebook Group

This site used to have a really excellent forum where people shared experiences and advice but, alas, it was attacked by hackers and it had to be retired. But anyway, these days it seems like forums are on the way out and Facebook groups have cemented themselves as the best way for people to exchange knowledge.

If you have questions or want to share your knowledge about Kigali and help others, please check out the Living in Kigali Facebook group. Please read the rules first before posting and take note that this isn’t a social group, it’s more about helping each other with questions about Kigali.

Write for Us

This site is written by foreigners in Kigali, for foreigners in Kigali! But I can’t keep on top of everything the city has to offer so I’m always looking for people who know Kigali to write for the site – whether you want to help review restaurants and cafes, write up a blurb about the area you live in, tell us all about a great cause you’re working for, or anything else you think will be helpful.

If you have an article, review, or interview idea, please first have a read of the previous content to make sure it hasn’t been covered and to get an idea of the writing style, and then get in touch with me at