Corner View Restaurant

Corner View Restaurant

This brochettes place, while not actually on a corner, does indeed have a view of the corner from the porch. It’s located down the hill to the right of the Belgian School, past BCK Supermarket and further down on a street on the left.

The brochettes take about 45 minutes which is quick compared to the usual standards. They only cost Rwf 400 each too which is makes it one of the cheaper places. But a word of advice… make sure you specify the type of brochette you want! Sure, one would assume that asking for brochettes will lead to you being brought goat. But at this place the last time I was there we were surprised with liver brochettes! We ordered six and got three goat and three liver. I like liver and haven’t had it in a million years so I was kind of liking the liver thing. But as I finished, I was thinking that two full brochettes of liver was overkill and I wouldn’t have minded some goat meat. That’s a lot of liver, people. The brochettes aren’t as good as at Pierre de Kiyovu but the potatoes are tasty and come with onions, tomatoes and mayo on top.

But the food here is secondary to the local entertainment in the form of Clea, the owner. I’m only writing this from second hand information, having been told the tale of Clea from a few friends. They speak of a waragi and Fanta Fiesta (that undrinkable, diabetes-inducing, purple drink) fueled night as Clea challenged them to repeated drinking contests while making sure to keep their drinks topped up. One friend didn’t make it out that night… falling victim to the waragi/Fanta Fiesta mix of death.

This place is a short walk from the centre of town and, by the sounds of it, there’s more to it than cheap (liver) brochettes. I have yet to cross paths with the elusive Clea but you can bet I want to!

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  1. Corner View is indeed a special place. Clea is quite a character with loving heart. Overall, if you want a true taste of Rwanda and an opportunity to meet some good local folks, go see Clea and her band of bar flies. Just don’t go too late when everyone is slurring their speech except for Clea.

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