Charite Restaurant

Charite Restaurant

A friend of mine who lives in this area of Kacyiru put me onto this little gem tucked away on a dirt road down the hill from the US Embassy. The area is full of local bars but this one stands out for being just a bit further out of the way and just a bit nicer than the rest.

The leafy garden, the balcony with a view of town and the fact that a guy comes out with a bucket and water for you to wash your hands in put this place just a cut above. But the plastic chairs and Primus table cloths remind you that you’re still in a local place and in store for warmish beer, yummy Rwandan food and some football on the TV if there’s a game on.

Bananas & BrochettesThough slightly fancy, Charite Restaurant still manages to be cheap, even for a local place. Our Fantas cost Rwf 500, boiled bananas (we asked them to be grilled but got boiled ones… so maybe try to be clear on this. I guess learning the words is the smart approach but I think it’d be more fun to attempt to mime ‘grilled banana’) cost Rwf 100 each, ibiraye (grilled potato halves) cost Rwf 200 for a whole potato, a 1/2 kilo of akabenz (pork) cost Rwf 1,500 and goat brochettes are Rwf 500 each.

The pork was good but had some super chewy bits which, I guess, is to be expected. The brochettes we had were pretty average and more overdone than in most places in Kigali. And that’s saying a lot because every local place I go to cooks their brochettes into oblivion. This places takes it just a little step further and makes sure each goat morsel has shriveled up into a tiny, charred piece of meat.

Ibiraye & AkabenzThe best part of the meal was the ibiraye… probably the best I’ve had in the city. Buy a glob of mayo for Rwf 500 and add a bit of pilipili to it for a spicy dip. Crunchy potatoes and pilipili mayo… true happiness! Unless you hate mayo and that, of course, makes you a freak and your happiness levels are irrelevant in our eyes.

The view from the fancy balcony is back to Kigali City Tower and that part of town. While it’s nice during the day, I’m told it makes a great spot at night looking back at the city lights. Maybe a nice date place for those of us who prefer meat on a stick or a plate of pork to a three course meal or for those of us who are a little low in the cash department.

All up I liked it and would love to come back at night (when we’re not the only people there) for some beers on the balcony and a bit more atmosphere.

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  1. Gunter Schalbe

    Well , It’s just a normal bar, nothing really special here. And the view is not really the main point of that bar….

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