Mocha Cafe, Kigali

Mocha Cafe

Kigali is a growing hub of a wide range of cafes and restaurants for all types of international cuisine and

Chess Cafe, Kigali

Chess Cafe

Chess Cafe is one of those places I really want to see succeed. It’s a tiny cafe located just off

Pure Africa Coffee, Kigali

Pure Africa Coffee

A new Kigali cafe seems to have sprouted up from nowhere in Kimihurura. I’ve never noticed this plot in my

Kigali Art Cafe, Kigali

Kigali Art Cafe

I’ve been out of Kigali for about eight months which is way WAY too long for my soul to stay

Question Coffee, Kigali

Question Coffee

I will admit that I’m not a coffee aficionado. I drink it, possibly more than I should, and I like

Slice & Cakes, Kigali

Slice and Cakes

Slice and Cakes has been around since 2014 as a delivery service but, as far as I know, their location

Delizia Italiana, Kigali

Delizia Italiana

In case you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last few months and haven’t heard, Kigali has

Baso Patissier, Kigali

Baso Patissier

Baso Patissier is the brainchild of former Brioche cake-maker extraordinaire, Bruno. He’s branched off on his own and Kigali has

Calafia Cafe

I love it when friends talk about big plans and dreams and actually follow through on them! Calafia is a

Twistiblendz Smoothies

If you’re a lover of smoothies in Kigali then you’ve probably noticed that Hero Shop has had a brand overhaul

Inema Cafe

Inema still has a cafe but it’s more focused on drinks than food. Praise be to whichever deity you worship

Inzora Rooftop Cafe, Kigali

Inzora Rooftop Cafe

Aaaah… Inzora Rooftop Cafe. My little piece of Kigali cafe bliss. A beautiful view, great drinks, nice staff, and excellent

Cafe Neo

Cafe Neo has closed. Aaaaah… I love me some good customer service. Neo is the kind of place where the

Brioche, Kigali, Rwanda


Kigali seems to have had some kind of a bakery revolution over this past year. The small but tasty bakery

RZ Manna

Rz Manna has downsized and become a small a bakery in the back of this building. There’s a new cafe