Hotels and Resorts

Onomo Hotel, Kigali

Onomo Hotel

I’ve been curious about Onomo Hotel ever since I saw it spring up on the side of the fairly central

ViaVia Guesthouse, Kigali

ViaVia Guesthouse

ViaVia offered me a complimentary stay in exchange for this review. Prices were correct at the time of publishing but

Serena Hotel, Kigali

Serena Hotel

Serena Hotel offered me a free stay, food, and spa treatments in exchange for this review. Ah Serena Hotel… I’ve

The Retreat

The Retreat

On your last trip down KN 29 Street you may have noticed that Heaven Restaurant have expanded their empire all

Heaven Boutique Hotel, Kigali

Heaven Boutique Hotel

At some point after leaving Kigali for a few months, I returned to see that Heaven seems to have expanded

Marriott Hotel, Kigali

Kigali Marriott Hotel

Kigali Marriott Hotel offered a me free stay in exchange for this review. The Marriott Hotel came to Kigali back

Radisson Blu, Kigali

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu offered a me free stay in exchange for this review. Since arriving in Kigali in 2010 I’ve waited

Park Inn by Radisson, Kigali

Park Inn by Radisson

Park Inn offered a me free stay in exchange for this review. Park Inn by Radisson opened in May 2017

Ruzizi Lodge, Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Ruzizi Tented Lodge

Accommodation all around the world is very seldom all that interesting… little more than a hopefully a nice-ish room in

Waterfront Resort

This place is now called The Palm Beach Resort. As most of you know Gisenyi is one of the nicest

Rwiza Village

Rwiza Village offered a free night in exchange for a review. Apparently this new accommodation in Kibuye has been in

Virunga Lodge

After a friend of mine stayed at Gahinga Lodge just over the border in Uganda, my attention had been drawn

INZU Lodge

INZU Lodge

When I go to Gisenyi I always try to stay at the wonderful Paradis Malahide about 10 minutes out of

Nyungwe Forest Lodge Swimming Pool

Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Nyungwe Forest Lodge was closed, remodeled, and rebranded as One and Only Nyungwe House. My sister and I felt like

Paradis Malahide

Paradis Malahide

When city life gets to be a bit too much and I want to chill out by a lake for