Mototaxi Survival Guide

Mototaxi Survival Guide

Scooting around on the back of motorcycles is a great way to get around town and it’s one of the

Kigali Airport

Kigali Airport

Rwanda isn’t exactly a major world transport hub and, as a result, it can be an (expensive) pain in the

taking a taxi

Taking Taxis in Kigali

Taxis can be anything from a random man who happens to be passing in his car who wants to make

Taking Moto Taxis in Kigali

You might start off with grand ambitions to get around in Kigali, local style, using the city buses but this

Taking the Matatu Kigali

Taking the Matatu

Rwanda exports sea weed to the sushi-nation of Japan, and in return gets run-down mini-vans. These are what we in