Practical Information

Electricity Box Thing

Utilising Utilities in Kigali

Sorry about the reasonably unexciting article that follows, but it’s the lack of these little bits of information that can

Malaria in Kigali

Malaria in Kigali

Malaria is a vector-borne disease that enters your bloodstream through the saliva of a female mosquito (yes, so no woman

Kigali Airport

Kigali Airport

Rwanda isn’t exactly a major world transport hub and, as a result, it can be an (expensive) pain in the

Tips for New Arrivals, Kigali

Tips for New Arrivals

Cities are like people – you need to know how to tickle them the right way in order to get

Safe Sex in Kigali

Safe Sex in Kigali

Kigali, though filled to the brim with permanent residing expats, is in many ways like a typical touristy vacation spot:

Cost of Living in Kigali

Cost of Living in Kigali

Who would have thought Africa was expensive? Luanda, the capital city of Angola was recently named as the most expensive city in the world. In…

Kinyarwandan Lessons

Kinyarwanda: The Basics

I’ve been here for months and my Kinyarwanda skills don’t extend beyond ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ (which I always get mixed up anyways) and a mangled version of…

Taking Moto Taxis in Kigali

You might start off with grand ambitions to get around in Kigali, local style, using the city buses but this

Taking the Matatu Kigali

Taking the Matatu

Rwanda exports sea weed to the sushi-nation of Japan, and in return gets run-down mini-vans. These are what we in