New Arrivals

Souvenir Shopping, Kigali

How to Spend a Layover in Kigali

Kigali International Airport, in all its renovated glory, is quickly becoming an important stopover for a lot of major international

Morning Walks, Solitude in Kigali

On Journeying Home

I spend an inordinate amount of time on planes. To be honest, I actually grew up on planes. My childhood

Meeting People in Kigali

Have you just arrived in Kigali? Don’t know a single person here and want to make some friends? Or maybe,

Electricity Box Thing

Utilising Utilities in Kigali

Sorry about the reasonably unexciting article that follows, but it’s the lack of these little bits of information that can

Tips for New Arrivals, Kigali

Tips for New Arrivals

Cities are like people – you need to know how to tickle them the right way in order to get

Important Phone Numbers

Thanks to a helpful reader Jean-Luke, we’ve got some updated info as of December 2013. His info is in italics

Wedding Roundabout, Kigali, Rwanda

Landmarks in Kigali

Getting around a new city is hard enough without adding challenges like language barriers and the total lack of street names – both of which are the…