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Rwanda on the Internet, Kigali

Rwanda on the Internet

I try to keep Living in Kigali updated with super fantastic information about all things related to the city, but

Post Office in Kigali

Going Postal in Kigali

There is one post office in Kigali, and it’s straight down the road from the roundabout in front of the

Kinyarwandan Lessons

Kinyarwanda: The Basics

I’ve been here for months and my Kinyarwanda skills don’t extend beyond ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ (which I always get mixed up anyways) and a mangled version of…

Waka Global, Working in Kigali

Wifi Options in Kigali

Unless you purchase a modem, you’ll probably end up doing your ‘interneting’ at one of the coffee shops offering free