Practical Information

VPNs for Rwanda

The 4 Best VPNs for Rwanda

Looking for a VPN in Rwanda, but you’re overwhelmed by how many there are to choose from? Confused about downloading

Rwanda visa guide

Rwanda Visa Guide

There’s a lot to experience in Rwanda. From gorilla trekking and lakeside relaxation, to cultural experiences, and so much more. It’s

Weather in Rwanda

Kigali Weather Guide

Learning about the weather in Kigali is essential when planning your trip here. If you don’t know the weather patterns,

Hospitals in Kigali

Hospitals in Kigali

This is a quick guide to the main private and public hospitals in Kigali.  While we always recommend you do

Souvenir Shopping, Kigali

How to Spend a Layover in Kigali

Kigali International Airport, in all its renovated glory, is quickly becoming an important stopover for a lot of major international

Stay at Home, Solitude in Kigali

Owning a Dog in Kigali

Dogs! Some people love them, many Rwandans aren’t so keen on them. Rwanda seems to be a largely dog-free country.

Meeting People in Kigali

Have you just arrived in Kigali? Don’t know a single person here and want to make some friends? Or maybe,

Safety & Security in Kigali

Safety & Security in Kigali

My guess is that when you tell the average person you’re moving to or already living in Rwanda, there’s a