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Asian Kitchen, Kigali

Kigali’s Best Restaurants

Kigali’s best restaurants are a feast for any food lovers. From simple, tasty Rwandan staples, to delicate sushi, Rwanda’s capital

Rz Manna, Kigali

The Best Bakeries in Kigali

What’s your favorite pastry? Are you a sweet tooth that loves that moist, fluffy Tiramisu cake that melts in your

Pain au Chocolate, Question Coffee, Kigali

The Best Cafes in Kigali

Kigali’s cafe scene has changed drastically since I wrote this ancient article way back in 2011. Time for an update!

Serena Hotel Buffet, Kigali, Rwanda

Lunch Buffets in Kigali

This article is super old and mostly inaccurate… update coming soon! Ah the buffet… I don’t know if it’s something