Bar Etoile d’Or

Bar Etoile d'Or

This place got off to a good start with me… it’s a pretty big bar with lots of tables but all of the outside ones were taken and it was a beautiful night and we didn’t really want to sit indoors among the TVs showing football. So we asked if they’d move one of the tables outside for us and they did which was nice.

The food took the usual hour to come but service was quick and attentive. We had our drinks in minutes without having to resort to hissing at people. A large Mutzig cost Rwf 900 and it was nice and icey cold and came with a glass.

We ordered chips and a plate of what my friend told me was pork (but was probably lamb) each. The chips cost Rwf 600 and the pork dish which we still don’t know the name of (we just pointed at the dish on another table and asked for the same thing) cost Rwf 1,500. The chips were decent (but a bit cold) and the mystery meat was tasty, although a bit boney. Some pieces were all bone, actually, but occasionally there was a bone-free porky/lamby morsel to enjoy. The shards of bone added an element of danger to the experience which I think I liked.

Pork and Chips

The  Before the food came our waiter brought out the usual bucket of warm water and soap for us to wash our hands with which is always a nice touch. The place was busy but service was still good. True, they didn’t have any ketchup or limes and the pili pili sauce was gross and oily, but the price was right and I was happy with our meal.

Things went downhill at the end of the night. As I was leaving, I snapped a photo of the outside of the bar. Some guys who were standing in the doorway demanded money and asked why I was taking a photo. I showed them the photo and said I was taking a shot of the bar and showed that you couldn’t even make out the people in the photo. One guy claimed to be the owner and asked why I was taking the photo in the first place. I said to write about his place and recommend it to people blah blah blah. I tried to get his name and introduce myself, he wanted money etc etc.

Kind of a lame ending to a nice night. I’m not sure why he was so uptight or even if he was the owner. If he is, he’s the worst businessman ever. But Bar Etoile d’Or isn’t a bad place for a beer and a cheap meal so check it out if you find yourself hungry in Nyamirambo.


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3 thoughts on “Bar Etoile d’Or”

  1. Hey, Domingo says what you were eating wasn’t pork. It was beef, a dish called michopo in Kinyarwanda. Apparently, the place is run by Musilms. So… no pork. 🙂

  2. Yikes. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t beef. Interesting… and slightly alarming. haha

    I’ll have to run this one by Loren to see what he says… he’s been a bunch of times and he was certainly saying it was pork.

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