Gikondo, Kigali Areas


Gikondo is a neighbourhood in Kigali that’s sort of set off to the south side of the city. It’s mostly

Sunset Spa

Never having been much of a spa-person before, I must admit that my time in Kigali definitely has changed my

Shopping for a Wardrobe in Kigali

Wardrobe Shopping in Kigali

Someone must have told you before you decided to come here.  Perhaps you are one of those people who ignore

Slightly Awful Photo of Sundowner's Bar


Whenever my friends (read: friend) and I are at a loss of where to go, we usually end up here.

Electricity Box Thing

Utilising Utilities in Kigali

Sorry about the reasonably unexciting article that follows, but it’s the lack of these little bits of information that can

Malaria in Kigali

Malaria in Kigali

Malaria is a vector-borne disease that enters your bloodstream through the saliva of a female mosquito (yes, so no woman

Safe Sex in Kigali

Safe Sex in Kigali

Kigali, though filled to the brim with permanent residing expats, is in many ways like a typical touristy vacation spot:

Zen, Kigali


It went a surprisingly long time before I tried out Zen, an Asian fusion restaurant just past the MTN Center

New Cactus, Kigali

New Cactus

Being the land of a thousand hills, it’s not the most difficult thing in the world to find a restaurant

Taking the Matatu Kigali

Taking the Matatu

Rwanda exports sea weed to the sushi-nation of Japan, and in return gets run-down mini-vans. These are what we in

Heaven Restaurant, Kigali


Resting on the side of the Kiyovu hill, tranquilly removed from the busy city beneath, Heaven Restaurant does unquestionably offer