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Living in Gacuriro, Kigali


Gacuriro (GacuRIro, or GacuriRO? Or GacuLEEro?) is a neighbourhood that can be seen from the distance from many places in

Gikondo, Kigali Areas


Gikondo is a neighbourhood in Kigali that’s sort of set off to the south side of the city. It’s mostly

Kabeza, Area Guides


When you went from the airport and into town, you passed Kabeza, a residential area overlooking the Remera hill. In

Kacyiru, Living in Kigali


Kacyiru is the neighbourhood around the road stretching from Kigali Heights all the way down KG 7 Avenue to the

ViaVia Guesthouse, Kigali


If it came down to the coolest-sounding name, we would all be living in Kibagabaga. Due to the fact that



Kimihurura (‘Kimi’) is a very popular area of town for foreigners. Maybe it’s the central location or the nice houses

Living in Kiyovu, Kigali, Rwanda


Kiyovu stretches from UTC at the top of the hill down to Cercle Sportif, passing plenty of restaurants, hotels, President

Living in Nyamirambo, Kigali


Nyamirambo is a pretty diverse and stretched-out neighborhood, encompassing the southwestern corner of Kigali – and a huge corner, at



If you are (for some reason) looking to get as far away from Kinyarwanda phrases, babies wrapped around their mothers,

Remera, Area Guide, Kigali


Remera’s got a lot going for it. Greeting you when you arrive from the airport with cheap guests houses and

Remera, Area Guide, Kigali


This area of town is located sort of beside Kimihurura on the side of the same hill on the other

Living in Town, Kigali


Town is not really a place you live… it’s more of a mish mash of shops, banks, hospitals, clinics, restaurants,