Shere Sardar

Shere Sardar, Manor Hotel, Kigali

When I first saw that crazy huge red and yellow tent-like-thing go up on top of the Manor Hotel in Nyarutarama I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. I couldn’t decide whether is was colourful space aliens descending on Kigali or some kind of circus that was making its home atop the hotel. I  would have ever guessed that the giant umbrella was soon to be home to an Indian restaurant.

Palak PaneerI was hoping that the restaurant beneath this amazingly strange and gigantic tent was staffed either by those colourful aliens or circus folk but, alas, it was not to be. Just plain old humans. But friendly and attentive ones, at least, so my disappointment didn’t last too long.

I was the only lonely soul in there on a Tuesday night and the waiter met me with a menu. It took longer than it should have to convince him that, in fact, I would be joined by a friend but I eventually got the message across and got another menu.

The food was really good, a close second to Zaaffran and about the same quality and price range as Khana Khazana. So prices are a bit on the high side but the serving portions were large and we had plenty left over for a whole other meal. We ordered my usual Indian food selection of chicken tikka masala (Rwf 6,700) and palak panner (Rwf 5,000) along with mixed raita (Rwf 1,200), rice (Rwf 1,500) and butter nan (Rwf 1,500). The nan was really really delicious here, we both agreed. It wasn’t quite as heavy and greasy as in most places… it had kind of a cake quality to it. This might not be everyone’s favourite thing but I liked it. The chicken tikka masala seemed to have more of a tomato taste to it than at other places, but it was still very yummy, as was the palak paneer.

Chicken Tikka Masala

The only service gaffe of the evening was the mysterious decoy mixed raita. I ordered the raita, something resembling raita was brought out with our meal. Then the waiter returned after I had scooped out a single spoonful of the decoy raita and took the rest away from our table. I assumed that they’d brought the wrong thing and waited awhile but eventually had to ask for our raiti to come back to us. No idea what happened there and it wasn’t really a big deal… just a little confusing.

All up, I liked the food here a lot. Being able to eat it under an alien/circus tent is an added bonus and the views from the manor are some of the best in the city.

Phone: 0727 690 030 (hotel reception)
More Info: Shere Sardar on Eating in Kigali

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