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I’m not sure if The Manor is a hotel or a rental space for restaurants but, at last count, they had four. An Indian place, a faux Irish pub, a new Chinese restaurant and Marco’s, which is their Italian offering. Marco’s is on main floor of the hotel and it stretches out into the pool area which makes for a fantastic place to sit, especially on a sunny day or a clear, starry night. The views over Kigali are beautiful and make a trip to The Manor a must, even if just for a drink or a light bite.

The Marco’s menu is smaller than most Italian places in town, meaning that there aren’t 80 different types of pizza and a bunch of varieties and sauces of pasta to choose from. But each item they do have on their menu has its own flare and almost everything appealed to me. I’ve eaten here twice, the first time sampling the lasagna and the second I had the chicken breast meal. The lasagna was pretty good and it was too big for me to finish so if you’re hungry it makes a good choice. It came out piping hot and was super meaty and cheesy so if that’s what you’re after, you’ll probably like it. The garlic bread was pretty average, though.

Fillet Steak SaladOn my second trip I ordered what’s described as ‘Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and basil, served with pomedoro sauce’. What came out was a chicken thigh with no evidence that anything was stuffed into it at all. I was also asked if I wanted pomedoro sauce or mushroom sauce which kind of contradicted the menu description as well. It comes with your choice or chips or rice but they didn’t have chips and asked if it was ok to substitute them for potato wedges. The wedges were pretty dry and the chicken and side of veggies were cold but the sauce was really good. At Rwf 7,800 I wasn’t impressed. I stole some of my friend’s fillet steak salad which was pretty good but had too much dressing on it. Fortunately the mustard dressing was delicious. Strangely, the menu said the salad came with balsamic dressing… so who really knows if what’s on the menu is what you’re going to get.

Non-Chicken BreastThe servers are pretty attentive and will meet you almost immediately to see what you want to drink and appear very quickly once you finish to offer you another. Bizarrely, our waiter came back with our change after we paid saying that they couldn’t locate any coins. In the whole hotel? I was owed Rwf 300 which woulc have been left as a tip anyways, but they came back after a long wait to tell me that I could come back some other time to get the change but, for now, they didn’t have it. It wasn’t really a big deal at all but it was pretty bizarre.

The Manor is located in Nyarutarama, towering above a neighbourhood not too far from the golf course packed with huge houses. You really can’t miss it once you get close as it has an almost circus tent-like roof over the Indian restaurant on the top floor. At night the thing is illuminated and very impressive, if a bit strange looking. Be aware that finding a moto from here can be a bit tricky and you’ll probably have to walk up to the main road to catch a ride.

Overall I think Marco’s is very expensive for the quality of food you’re getting. It’s a nice place to come for a drink or to hang out by the pool but I’d check out Sol e Lunainstead if you want tasty Italian that’s good value.

Hours: Open 24 Hours, Every Day
Phone: 0727 690 030 Ext. 809
More Info: Marco’s on Eating in Kigali

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