Hello Food KigaliIt can be difficult to find, but Lalibela is worth a few minutes wandering around the dirt roads of Kimihurura. As the only Ethiopian place in Kigali, it is a great way of taking a break from all the pizza and pasta, and with its outdoor fireplace and tranquil ambiance it’s a perfect place for a laid-back date or a relaxed night out. And hey, with Papyrus a short walk away, Lalibela is a good spot for a Friday dinner before commencing the partying!

The menu is pretty varied, but unless you are familiar with Ethiopian food, you’ll have to ask the waiters what each dish contains… or just follow my suggestions!

Vegetarian Platter So I know it looks absolutely repulsive, but the vegetable platter is actually really good. Just don’t let them talk you into ordering one each, because it is more than enough for 3 people, especially when you drink a couple of beers with it! As with most dishes, it comes with an unreasonable amount of injira bread (a huge spongy sourdough pancake), so do be careful not to eat too much as it seems to expand once it reaches your stomach. A good option for four people is to order one vegetable platter and one or two additional sauce dishes. They have good lamb there, and some good chicken dishes.

The staff can be inattentive, but this is mostly during the week when they seem to move at a slower pace. Normally, though, the service is fairly fast, the waiters are friendly, and the food is tasty and reasonably priced. What more can you ask for?

Lalibela also offers a quite impressive Ethiopian buffet that’s worth giving a try. For an extra special night out, you can ask them to arrange a traditional Ethiopian coffee ritual. This is only available at the weekends, and costs Rwf 10,000.

Hours: Daily, Noon – 11pm
Phone: 0788 505 293
More Info: Lalibela on Eating in Kigali

Hello Food Kigali

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