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Khana Khazana, Kigali

Hello Food KigaliThe Indian influence is quite noticeable in Kigali, and for one of the best authentic Indian food experiences, Khana Khazana is a clear favorite. You’ll often find large tables of Indian families here, but for a more tranquil dining experience, you might want stay clear of the week end.

The menu is large and varied, offering most of the classics from the Indian cuisine, as well as a small selection of Chinese dishes. Unlike many other restaurants in Kigali, they are very rarely out of anything, and they are more than happy to modify a dish or come with educated food suggestions.

Chicken Tikka MasalaFor an amazing shared appetizer (or as a cheap main dish for one person), I highly recommend the Subzi Taka Tin, or ‘Veggie Balls’, as they more commonly go by. Since they only cost Rwf 3,000, you’ll have enough to spend on a cold beer or perhaps a mango lassie. While choosing of the appetizers as your dinner is a good way to save money, you will have to pay around Rwf 4,000-6,000 for most of the main dishes. Depending on how fancy you want to get, the rice and naan bread are around Rwf 1,000, but one order is more than enough for two people.

I had to eat here five times before I had a bad experience, which in Kigali terms is quite the feat for a restaurant! Though bad service does occur (getting the order wrong, or taking forever to bring out the vegetable munchies with the drinks), my general impression of Khana Khazana is very good indeed. The staff is well trained, polite, accommodating, and have actually learned the menu! Of course, the absolute epitome of the staff’s dedication becomes evident during the birthday-ritual of which you will find no equal in all of Kigali. I’m hesitant to give it away, as I still fondly remember my first time, so instead I’ll urge you to go there, tell them it’s your friend’s birthday, and wait for the fun to start.

Palak PaneerThe golden-lettered Khana Khazana sign is easy to spot when you’re walking around Kiyovu. There is no view to speak of, but you probably wont want to raise your head anyway, what with all that delicious food in front of you! As seems to be in the guide to running an Indian restaurant, the entire staff are dressed in traditional Indian attire (or in some cases belly-dancer outfits… ) Slightly weird, but so is the huge gold elephant, so I suggest we’ll just let Khana be Khana, and get on with the food.

There are few other places you will find a friendlier staff and a more tasteful menu. For a guaranteed pleasurable dinner, this definitely is the place to come. With filling dishes at reasonable prices, speedy service and a great atmosphere, Khana Khazana will surely become a place you will return to again and again.

Phone: 0758 301 729
More Info: Khana Khazana on Eating in Kigali

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