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I love it when a new place in Kigali pleasantly surprises me. Just Chill isn’t brand new, but it’s pretty new to me and when a friend told me about all of the frozen yoghurt-y goodness on offer, I was intrigued. My first trip saw me b-line for the frozen yoghurt and ice cream, but I’ve since returned to take advantage of their pretty good wifi while exploring a bit of their menu and so far I’m impressed.

Just Chill have a huge menu and it’s a popular place for lunch, filling up with the area’s office workers who come for the pretty good buffet (Rwf 3,500) that comes with juice and soup. It’s not mind-blowing and I’d always recommend shuffling down the road a bit to the Camellia Tea House buffet (my favourite in town), but Camellia doesn’t have a frozen yoghurt option for dessert!

Their buffet is probably your best choice at lunch, otherwise you’ll have to wait awhile for them to whip up the a la carte dishes from the menu. But if you’ve got some time to kill, they have a good selection of meals from pizza to a few salads to a good selection of meat dishes. They also have a large selection of soup and lots of mains ranging from fish and chips (Rwf 5,000) to goat stew (Rwf 5,000) to a whole grilled chicken (Rwf 16,000).

Plus they have the usual teas and coffees and a decent selection of breakfast options including a breakfast deal of either coffee, tea, or milk plus an omelet or sandwich for a hard to beat price of Rwf 1,500. I tried the ‘Businessman’s Breakfast’ (Rwf 3,500) of scrambled eggs on toast with chicken and a fried tomato and I was pleasantly surprised. Tasty, filling, and for a good price. The menu is huge and anyone will find something of interest and they even have a whole different menu dedicated to Chinese and Indian food. Plus they have booze and a great selection of fresh juice (Rwf 3,500).

The Greek salad (Rwf 4,000) which is about up to the standard of most places in Kigali. A Greek salad here in Rwanda is, sadly, not a Greek salad and one day I’ll learn my lesson and stop being so hopeful. It’s an ok salad and nothing to complain about, really, just don’t go in expecting quality feta, red onion, and all of the gloriousness of the real deal. They have a pretty good selection of salads including smoked salmon (Rwf 4,500), Nicoise (4,000), and chicken in a pineapple (Rwf 4,500). I can’t vouch for the quality of any of these but I’m curious!

When it’s not too crowded at lunch, Just Chill is a pretty good place to come for wifi and working. There are some couches if you prefer to lounge, or regular tables and a decent number of power points scattered around. Plus there’s loads of space and wifi is surprisingly reliable and quick. Outside of lunch hours it’s pretty quiet and you’re not likely to bump into people you know as with some of the popular cafes so it’s a good spot to come to be a hermit and get some focused work done.

The frozen yoghurt and ice cream here is the real star of the show and what keeps me coming back. They’ve got a few different flavours on the go at any one time and it rotates. The yoghurt is at the side in front of the counter and the ice cream flavours live behind the counter. I usually go for chocolate but I’ve also seen cookie butter (speculoos?) on offer and I’m for sure trying that sometime soon. I think the yoghurt and soft serve ice cream itself is very tasty, but there’s also the option to load it up with all kinds of toppings – from gummy worms to walnuts to white and dark chocolate chips. You pay by weight and it’s not cheap, but if you want to feel like a kid again and go nuts with toppings freedom, this is the place for you!

Beware that Just Chill is right down the hall from that weird Spiderman kid’s play centre thing (9D cinema, anyone?) and the music was cranking and the kids were screaming the last time I was there so be prepared for the possibility of noise. If I were forced to sit closer to the kid’s thing I feel like my ears would bleed. It was a strange combination of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ and a selection of tunes by Stromae. Luckily, there was space on the opposite side of the restaurant so I sequestered myself away and it wasn’t too painful for my ears. It seems like it’s only noisy sometimes, so don’t be too worried.

I really like Just Chill! Service is nice, it’s a relaxed place (when the Spiderman children’s play area isn’t going nuts with the music), the food is pretty good, and everything is well-priced. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Hours: Daily, 24 Hours
Phone: 0781 781 781
Website: http://justchillrwanda.com
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Just-Chill-Rwanda-659848007540263

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About Kirsty

A Canadian who left in 2001 to wander around the world in search of sun, beautiful views and goat brochettes. Found Kigali in July 2010 and it seems like the perfect fit. I expect to be here until I get kicked out for defiantly walking on the grass while wearing flip flops.