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Food & Stuff

Food & Stuff have started to focus on catering which, sadly, means no food for us. I’ll let you know if anything changes and Food & Stuff’s yummy lunches come back into our lives.

Delicious food delivered to your home or office? Yego murakoze! Food and Stuff (previously called ‘Where’s my Lunch’) is driven by two driven ladies who drive around Kigali (Haha! I kill myself sometimes!) delivering lunch between 11:00 and 13:00, Monday to Friday.

2 x Tortilla Chips, Salsa, Hummous, Pasta Salad, Brownie, Salmon Wrap, Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap - Rwf 15,000

While they mostly keep busy catering big fancy events, they also take time to cook for us mere mortals. As long as you get in your order the previous day before 4pm, you too can enjoy your ready-made lunch on the back porch of your good friend. Or your own porch if you have one. Or a veranda. Or inside, you know, in case it’s raining.

So yeah, take a look at their menu and order yourself a super tasty lunch. I highly recommend the lemon and coriander hummous (Rwf 1,500) with the deliciously light and salty tortilla chips. Actually, get the salsa also; it’s nice to kind of alternate between the two. They also have incredible wraps. The one with sweet chili chicken is good (Rwf  2,300), but my favorite is the smoked salmon (Rwf 3,200 each).

They’ve got a few options for sandwiches: wraps, and brown and white bread and I think homemade pitas could also be on the menu soon. But be careful to specify which type of bread you want. I was looking forward to a wrap one day and instead got a sandwich on brown bread. It was my own fault for forgetting to say what I wanted… so I guess the default is brown bread. But it was actually one of the hugest sandwiches I’ve ever seen. It was a triple decker monster crammed with fillet steak, blue cheese and veggies. Seriously filling. At Rwf 3,500 it’s the most expensive thing on the menu but worth every franc.

Steak & Blue Cheese Sandwich - Rwf 3,500For dessert (for what is a lunch without a sweet ending?) you might want to try the brownie. Personally I don’t like chocolate, but this friend of mine said it was scrumptious. (No, she didn’t actually use that word. Unfortunately I tend to surround myself with friends less articulate than I…) Still, it looked as if she enjoyed it.

I’ve tried a bunch of their items and have been impressed with everything. If you’re stuck in an office with few lunch options nearby, it makes a great alternative to the usual. Actually, even if you have loads of lunch spots around you, you’re not likely to find anything comparable to what’s on the Food & Stuff menu… so give it a go!

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